Lego Man Head Bullets. That is All

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Lego Man head bullets shot from a handgun, and making dreams come true.

Admit it, you’ve always looked at those little Lego men with a cocked head, wondering what sort of things you can do with their detached heads. And yes, modifying them into bullets and shooting them from a gun has certainly popped into your mind.

Oh, it hasn’t? Well, don’t tell TAOFLEDERMAUS, because he made the video anyway. In any case, now you know a whole lot more than you ever did before about the ballistics of the plastic little guys everyone loved as kids.


  1. avatar Big Al says:

    Ludicrous, ludicrous(er) & ludicrous(est)!

  2. avatar Nic says:

    No, you didn””””””t.

  3. avatar ironicatbest says:

    That ain’t nothing. I watched a guy take his plastic gun and put plastic bullets in it, then he shot a rubber knife and split the bullet in half, shot the little apples right off of Barbie and Kens head. you don’t believe me GI Joe and Buzz Lightyear, they both saw it too

  4. avatar ... says:

    We get it. You load random shit in a shotgun shell and it goes bang. Can we stop now?

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