3 Big Whitetail Bucks Battle for Dominance in This One-of-a-Kind Video

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The rut is crazy; it’s been said once and it’ll be said many more times. This lucky hunter got a nice surprise when watching two nice Texas whitetails duel. Against all odds, a third, even bigger, buck jumps into a whitetail deer fight. Watch what unfolds in this outstanding footage.

This fight wasn’t a sparring match by any means; the video literally shows a tine flying off one of the bucks. Once the double droptine buck joined the fight, it instantly went after the older and more mature whitetail.

This world-class whitetail fight is something most people never see. Thanks to this video, everyone can view a rare fight between giants.


  1. avatar EGB says:

    Cool video, not to be a safety hog but 0:25 into the action finds our good ole boy driving an open-top Jeep with a young girl standing up sans seat belt. Our hero is holding a Michelob Ultra in a coozie and carbine in his lap. My wife almost loses her shit if our toddler’s not strapped in backing out of the driveway. Wish I had my own estate to roll that dirty, wouldn’t intentionally film the scene. YMMV :/

    1. avatar Jesus F. Christ says:

      I guess his wife is cooler than yours.

    2. avatar LeadKisses says:

      You’ll never see me crying about gun handling on a video but driving around with your kid in the back and drinking a Mic Ultra… People lose their kids for that stuff. I bet Dad’s going to be furious if that kid makes a mistake with alcohol down the road.

    3. avatar 22winmag says:

      I think they’ll be okay at 6 or 7mph, still the point is well taken.

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Right at the beginning of the clip, that wildcat ass-dragging looks like it has worms, or some other intestinal parasite…

  3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    A friend in high school witnessed a similar event. He grabbed his shotgun, casually strolled up to all three fighting bucks, and proceeded to shoot at least two of them.

    I cannot begin to convey how jealous I was!

  4. avatar Hoyden says:

    “The first rule of Rut Club is we don’t talk about Rut Club.”
    Big Buck Brad Pitt-tines

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