NBC: “Gun Violence” Costs $2.8 Billion Per Year (As Opposed to $1 Trillion Saved by DGUs)

Annual cost of "gun vioelnce" according to NBC News (courtesy youtube.com)

In the video below, NBC News reveals the “astronomical health care costs of gun violence.” According to the report, “gunshot injuries cost Americans $2.8 billion per year.” The soft spoken narrator somehow forgets to put that stat into perspective. Setting aside questions of [monetary] inflation, I refer gun truth-seeking readers to a 2012 article by TTAG writer Bruce Krafft’s post Defensive Gun Uses Save the U.S. One Trillion Dollars Per Year. Here’s the relevant excerpt . . .

According to the AZ state gov’t, in February of 2008 a human life was worth $6.5 million. Going to the Inflation Calculator and punching in the numbers gives us a present value of $6.93 million.

So figuring that the average DGU (defensive gun use) saves one half of a person’s life—as“gun violence” predominantly affects younger demographics—that gives us $3.465 million per half life.

Putting this all together, [using a low estimate of 1.88 million DGUs per year] we find that the monetary benefit of guns (by way of DGUs) is roughly 1.02 trillion dollars per year. Trillion. With a ‘T’.

That’s a net savings of $997.2 billion. Think. Indeed.


  1. avatar Joe R. says:

    What about the astronomically high cost to the nation’s military with the opening of military disciplinary records (NOT “crime” records, “disciplinary” records) [ARMY just said it was opening their records]. It’ll make the TX Church shooting seem totally on purpose (other people’s purposes).

  2. avatar Yellow Devil says:

    Imagine if or when the federal government grabs total control of the entire healthcare system. Beside the astronomical mess it will cause/cost, it will give them the impetus to control personal behavior and possessions. It’s unfortunate that more and more people can’t see past the “free stuff” schtick to ignore the repercussions of a bureaucratic takeover.

    1. avatar Binder says:

      You are kidding me, look at every other 1st world nation when it comes to actual money spent per person. The US system is great if you are willing to spend upwards of $10000 a year per person. Even then the insurance companies want groups of random fairly healthy people (employees of medium to large businesses).

      1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

        Unlike you, I do not confuse Healthcare with Health Insurance. That is the first primary problems of our system, because as a relatively healthy person in my mid 30’s who may only want to buy catastrophic care and pay out of pocket for most medical needs, I should not have to pay to subsidize various other costs mandated by the government to offset the costs of another person’s medical wants/needs.

        There is a variety of different methods to determine the “cost” of healthcare, not all of it equally applicable to the needs and desires of each individual country. A person’s healthcare needs or desires living in Tacoma Washington will be different then a person living in Phoenix, Arizona let alone Brussels, Belgium / Nice, France / Prague, Czech Republic / Hong Kong, China / [insert desired city]. So no, I do not fall for the “well we pay X amount more for health care than another country” unless that person has the same life style, diet, exercise routine, living standards, AND family health history as myself.

        Btw, I do have older family that live in Canada, and they have to pay for all of their in-house healthcare arrangements. Good thing they are wealthy cause the “socialize” Canadian system wasn’t going to cover it.

  3. avatar joe says:

    More shots = more lives and dollars saved:
    If more people got shot with flu vaccine the country could save over 10 billion dollars

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which tracks how much the flu costs employers each year in the U.S., an estimated $10.4 billion is spent on direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits for adults who contract flu


    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      If people would man up and stop going to ER’s every time they got a scrape or a cough, that would also save people money, in the billions. Flu vaccines are nothing more than a marketing gimmick to get people to waste money on things they don’t need, and in most cases, actually make people sick.

  4. avatar Kevin P says:

    Nice of NBC to steal the VICE new’s format. I find it interesting that they are focusing on the financial burden of gun violence instead of something big like the opiod crises which cost an estimated $78-98 billion last year, or Drunk driving which cost the public $115 billion.

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    A trillion bucks huh? Tell my wife I’m worth 7mil😫😫😫

  6. avatar California Richard says:

    My argument would be that the vast majority of violent gun crime victims are a net drain on society and killing them off would actually be hedging a loss…. if they lived it would cost us a hell of a lot more tham 2.8 billion dollars dealing with them, their problems, and possibly their children one day.

  7. avatar Roymond says:

    And that’s not counting the medical bills saved, property loss prevented, etc.

  8. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    How much do illegal aliens cost us? smoking? obesity?
    One aircraft carrier?

  9. avatar SurfGW says:

    While I agree that the $2.8 billion expense is out of context, $1 trillion means 1/17 of our economy. That would require a crime rate that makes active war zones look peaceful.
    The AZ government has a much higher valuation than the Federal SGLI which is $250k. Using the $250k gives us around $40 billion which is still more than $2.8 billion

  10. avatar hayward says:

    more bull crap statistics to save the 2nd amendment.
    the amendment has not price.

  11. avatar Milton says:

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