Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Jeffrey Alan O’Berry

Jeffrey Alan O'Berry's highly customized GLOCK 19 EDC pistol

Jeffrey says, “I carry ALL of these items 7 days a week.” Which is pretty much the point of EDC gear. See everything he carries every day at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. avatar Stephen M says:

    I will never understand how people have a pimped out Glockenturd, all that expensive gear, and then carry a cheap POS knife like a CRKT.

    1. avatar Kaban says:

      At least it is one of those new ridiculous quick-disassembly things, which could be detail-stripped for fun in half minute. Otherwise, their pricing is, indeed, inexplicable.

  2. avatar joetast says:

    I like non folding knives, when your cleaning critters the knife is easier to wash up and they hold up to hard use better. I never was a big fan of battery operated sights either. He’s really got that pistol decked out.

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