Happy 10/22 Day From TANDEMKROSS

How could we forget? October 22nd is 10/22 Day. TANDEMKROSS is celebrating, until midnight, by offering up to 25% off plus free shipping on their catalog of Ruger 10/22 accessories. From upgraded bolts to charging handles to mag releases, magazines, and more, today’s the day to treat your 10/22 right. For both of you without one of Ruger’s iconic rimfires, Brownells can fix you up.


  1. avatar BLoving says:

    I’ve got mine.
    Show of hands: all you 10//22 owners sound off.

    1. avatar Iillinois_Minion says:

      i need a take down version to add to my current carbine.

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I’ve got two. One heavily customized and one bone stock.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Three — a wood stocked carbine, a takedown and an all-weather. All modded out just a bit.

    Luv me some 10/22s.

  4. avatar joetast says:

    Best .22 for the money, bone stock wood, with Bushnell custom 22 ,3×7. 30 years old

  5. avatar ^Sammy says:

    1 Stainless Steel and 1 Charger but I N e e d another.

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