New From ZEV Tech: AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles and Components (Plus a Pistol Suppressor)

ZEV Technologies is arguably the largest, most established name in the aftermarket GLOCK hot-rodding game. In a move that likely surprised many of us, early this year they announced a merger with Mega Arms, manufacturers of AR-15 and AR-10 rifles and components. Now it appears the entire product line has been completely revamped, and it’ll all be sold under the ZEV brand.

I neglected to snap photos of the extremely quiet (apparently 114 dB on 9mm), lightweight pistol suppressor that ZEV is making in conjunction with CGS Group. You’ll have to watch the video above for all of the details and visuals on that bad boy.

ZEV’s ARs feature ambidextrous controls, including a left-side magazine release and right-side bolt release, plus an ambi charging handle and safety selector. AR-15 receiver sets will be available in both forged and billet flavors. Fit between upper and lower is spectacular, and all of the machining and finish appears to be about as good as it gets. A steel pin is inserted through the rear of the upper for the charging handle latch to lock onto. This resolves a wear-and-tear point on the MSR platform by replacing aluminum with steel. Replaceable steel, at that. Complete rifles will be available with steel barrels as well as PROOF carbon fiber barrels. ZEV is using a ZEV-spec AR Gold trigger for their rifle builds. AR-10s are on billet receivers, which will also be available as stripped receiver sets.
ZEV’s handguards are sleek, M-LOK-compatible affairs with a clean mounting solution that’s apparently extremely rugged while remaining lightweight. 

ZEV Tech complete rifles and components will be available soon.


  1. avatar cruzo1981 says:


    1. avatar Shotgun Sam says:


      My Mega Arms AR10 cracked $2k and the ZEV looks almost the same but erring on the better side.

      Probably costs about two iPhone Xs and an iPhone 7.

      1. avatar CS says:

        The ZEV receiver looks an awful lot like the Megaarms MATEN.

    2. avatar Stereodude says:

      If you have to ask… 😉

  2. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    dude you got Glock in my AR!!!

  3. avatar Son of Alan says:

    There main plant is in Oxnard CA. About 10 miles from me. They do the Glock armorers course a couple times a year. Thought about joining the GSSF to just take the course. There are times I wonder why anyone would manufacture firearms in California.

    1. avatar John V says:

      For the same reason that Jack Daniels destillery is located in a dry County? Makes no sense.

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      All of the AR manufacturing and much of the Glock parts manufacturing happens in Centralia, WA. The CA location is now primarily sales, marketing, and engineering, I believe.

      There are times I wonder why any business would locate in CA. High taxes, high regulation, high corruption, high BS lawsuit risk, high compliance costs, complicated employment laws, expensive real estate, utilities, gas, etc etc

      1. avatar Scott in IA says:

        Plentiful workforce.

  4. avatar W says:

    Great news. Thanks.

  5. avatar joetast says:

    I hate new technology, but damn that’s one sweet rifle

  6. avatar Cloud says:

    That roll pin for the charging handle is genius.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Absolutely. I’m a big fan.

      BTW the SIG MPX and MCX both have this, so the idea has been around for at least that long. I don’t know if SIG was the first to do it or not, though. There have also been .22 LR pistols like the P22 and similar ones that have a steel pin inserted into the aluminum slide for the slide catch (as in this pic of a PPQ 22 slide: And the P22 predates the MPX and MCX by over a decade.

  7. avatar James in AZ says:

    Props for keeping that forward assist on the AR15.

    But if one gun needs a forward assist to solve its magnitudes of malfuntions, it’d be an AR10.

    Seriously, I need to make sure my extractor is over the rim before ripping that charging handle.

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