New From TriggerTech: Diamond Remington 700 Trigger


Trigger warning! TriggerTech’s newest trigger, the Diamond for the Remington 700 (and clones), begins shipping November first. With a break weight adjustable from four ounces to two pounds and the crisp, creep-free feel TriggerTech is becoming known for, it’ll be one to keep an eye on. TriggerTech’s press release follows . . .

Diamond Trigger Release!

We want to bring you up to speed on our new Diamond Rem 700 Triggers. We were thrilled to unveil the Diamond Rem 700 Trigger at the 2017 GAP Grind – the largest Precision Rifle Series event ever which was held this past weekend at the K&M Precision Rifle Training Shooting Complex in Finger, Tennessee last week. The TriggerTech Diamond Rem 700 Trigger was designed to meet the requirements of leading competitive shooters. It features our crispest break yet, a pull weight adjustment range from below 4 oz to 32 oz, our new Variable Rate Adjustment Technology and the new Pro Curved trigger lever. We hope you like it!

Our team shooters have described it is the most consistent and crisp breaking trigger they have ever felt.

“The Diamond is the most consistent and crisp breaking trigger I have ever used. It has made me aware of the creep that exists in all other triggers.”

– Brian Allen, K&M Team
TriggerTech Team Shooter

Trigger Control Details

Trigger Lever Type: Traditional Curved, Flat Straight and Pro Curved
Trigger Action: Single Stage
FRT: Yes
TKR Technology: Yes
CLKR Technology: Yes
Overtravel: Sub .010″
Pull Weight: <4 oz – 32 oz
Bolt Release: Without
Safety: With (email us for without)
Hand: Right & Left (+ $20)
Warranty: Product lifetime
Weapon Platform: Remington 700 Clone Actions
Housing: 7075 Aluminum (anodized)
Key Components: 440C Stainless Steel

To learn more about the TriggerTech Diamond click here.
To purchase click here.

Thank you and Happy Shooting!
TriggerTech Team


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    4oz pull weight? I’d be afraid to chamber a round at the ran ge!

    Anyway, I’ve already been triggered by Timney.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      I was literally thinking the same thing. My deer hunting rig this year will be a Rem 700 LTR .308 with a Timney trigger topped with a Burris XTR 312 in US Optics rings. And, I thought you should know that I was forced to buy a gorgeous Smith 627 PC 5″ .357 because you corrected me on the .357 mag having marginally more powder capacity than the 10mm.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        Ha! Well Smith does make some pretty g uns if you can get past the Hillary hole. 10mm is a fine round for autos, but if you could only have one handgun round it should be .357.

        I ordered a Tim ney for my 700VTR (.308) the day after I contacted Remin gton for the recall. 8 weeks later I finally got the box to send it back. Who knows how long it would have taken to get my ri fle back. I think it’s factory set at ~2.5lbs and it’s still enough to spoil every other tri gger I own. I really like the wider blade too. Picked up a Bushnell Engage 4-16x with the MOA reticle this spring. Sighted at 5moa high at 100 yards it will hit somewhere in the bottom 5 hash marks at 1000 yards depending on the specific load. No elevation adjustments necessary. It’s the only MOA scope I’ve seen that can do that (although I’ve never looked in the 4 figure ra nge).

  2. avatar dwb says:

    So I have been told that there are a lot of problems with the Triggertech trigger for crossbows (hunting season started, people talk). Evidently the vibration of the bow or strings causes problems with the trigger resetting incorrectly. I would be surprised if cross bow recoil causes problems, but rifle recoil does not.

    Has anyone experienced problems with these triggers, crossbow or otherwise?

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      I read that the problem was that the carbide roller bearings were breaking across bows and guns both and that they had a recall to replace the carbide rollers with steel ones. Jeremy probably knows more about that.
      More at:

      1. avatar dwb says:

        not the carbide rollers breaking. This has to do with the vibration causing the string retention levers to reset improperly. Because of the anti-dry-fire mechanism, it requires some dexterity to reset and relax the bow.

      2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

        Yeah they recalled the firearm triggers with carbide rollers and are now using a different steel for the rollers. I have a couple hundred rounds through the replacement for their carbide roller AR trigger I got a couple years ago, and it has been great. I like the feel of their triggers.

        No idea if there’s any connection or similarity between the crossbow ones and the firearm ones. My AR one has been working just fine. It’s installed in my “target” / “DMR” AR lower:

  3. avatar BLoving says:

    These triggers won’t help you shoot faster, will they? If so, we should grab them while we can…

  4. avatar joetast says:

    Now I’m wanting a better trig for my 243 but doubt they’d have one for Mossberg 800 b. , I don’t think Timney has one either, shux . No I aint getting another rifle, I know how this one shoots

  5. avatar sound awake says:

    this will be an nfa item soon if the nra gets its way

    and then americas first and foremost developmentally disabled gun blogger johannes paulsen can bloviate ad nauseam about how GENIUS it is

    what a delight it will be

    i for one cant wait…

  6. I like my Jewell Trigger but I really want to try this Diamond.

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