New From NAA: Ranger 2 Top-Break Revolvers Shipping Soon

NAA Ranger 2 top break revolvers

TTAG snuck into this year’s NASGW Expo to get the scoop on some new guns and gear. Visiting the North American Arms booth, we found out that the Ranger 2 will begin shipping around January. It’s a top-break, .22 WMR Mini Revolver with an automatic case extractor. Much like the extremely-limited-production original Ranger, but simplified for durability, ease of manufacture, and lower cost.

While there, I spied another Mini Revolver that I really liked. A standard .22 LR model but with a subtle two-tone black finish. What looks like a semi-gloss nitrided frame combined with a matte black hammer, trigger, cylinder, and barrel.

TTAG has covered and reviewed a lot of NAA’s products — list below — and we have more on the way soon!

Review of .22 LR model.
Another review of the .22 LR model.
Review of the 4″ Sidewinder model.
North American Arms factory tour.
Accuracy test of the .22 LR model.


  1. avatar Snatchums says:

    Out of a derringer length barrel do you get anything besides extra noise from stepping up to .22WMR?

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Extra muzzle flash?

      And in same length guns, the .22LR barrel is 0.35″ longer, which helps offset the pressure difference.

    2. avatar miforest says:

      better bullet. the mag is loaded with bullets up to 50 grains. the construction of some of the higher end hyper velocity 22 mag stuff is better design for expansion than the 22lr. also a short barreled loading is available . this stuff is supposedly getting 1050 fps from a 2 in barrel. that is more than you will get from the lr in a 2 in . whether that is a real difference in effectiveness I have no idea.

      1. avatar samuraichatter says:

        W/ .22 mag you get the option of going with an fmj bullet. You don’t/can’t (commercially anyways) w/ .22 lr. I would want to go fmj w/ such a small handgun and small caliber. Penetration is king and mouseguns like this struggle in that department.

    3. avatar TJM says:

      You get “normal” 3-4″ barrel, .22LR velocity out of the WRM in them vs. .22 short velocity out of the .22 LRs.

    4. avatar Anner says:

      Ah, a topic near and dear to my heart. Yes, you waste a lot of powder out of a 2″ barrel that would otherwise give a 30-45gr bullet almost twice it’s muzzle velocity out of an 18-20″ barrel. However, there are appreciable gains as compared to 22LR. STB410 has some good videos showing that it actually meets FBI minimums in ballistic gel, though with a tiny expanded bullet:

      NAA publishes chrono data for most of their caliber/barrel combos:

      I compiled data from NAA and combined it with my own chrono tests on the Pug (1″), Black Widow (2″) and Mini-Master (4″) using both 22LR and 22Mag. I redneck-normalized the data by disregarding bullet weight across all calibers, focusing solely on muzzle velocity. In total, I had about 10-15 different loads for 22LR and 15-20 loads for 22Mag. Average muzzle velocities below”

      1″ (Pug)
      LR – 718
      Mag – 864

      2″ (Black Widow)
      LR – 876
      Mag – 1053

      4″ (Mini-Master)
      LR – 924
      Mag – 1072

      For 22LR, the BW saw a 22% increase from the Pug, but only a 5% increase jumping to the MM. For Mag, there’s again a 22% increase jumping from Pug to BW, and only a 2% increase from BW to MM.

      The BW is far more concealable than the MM, yet offers a significant jump in MV. That, combined with STB410 showing that GoldDots perform decently well in a 2″ barrel, resulted in that handgun/load combo being my all-time most carried pocket pistol when I’m just out doing yardwork. It’s dispatched a variety of critters. The BW also offers a better sight radius and stock grips over the Pug, making it more shootable.

      The MM is a great plinking gun, or even a companion while out fishing in areas that don’t have bears or mountain lions. The Pug has only been useful in a few rare circumstances where an LCP or BW wasn’t concealable.

      1. avatar miforest says:

        nice post, thanks.

  2. avatar BLoving says:

    (sigh…) Yet another addition to the wish list…
    It was many years ago, but the one accessory that put me over the edge and made me say to myself “I will get that one day” was the optional keychain fob for NAA revolvers. Yes, I would absolutely have a mini revolver dangling from my car keys.
    Now if I could just stop spending on unnecessary things like food and fuel, etc..

    1. avatar joel says:

      I put off buying my Black Widow for two summers straight. Finally decided to bite the bullet last summer and my suggestion to you is go hungry for a few weeks. the NAA’s are worth it. Extremely versatile and concealable guns.

      I’ve shot several and i strongly suggest buying the magnum sized version with both cylinders. It was a hard call for me between the wasp and the BW but the better sights won out in the end.

  3. avatar Setarip says:

    There was a gun in that video!?

    1. avatar Mike says:

      Very cute, I would carry that around all day and night. Well worth the “Under $500”

      Oh, the gun? That is nice too.

      Can we have a modern top break snub nose revolver in a larger caliber

  4. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “I spied another Mini Revolver that I really liked. A standard .22 LR model but with a subtle two-tone black finish.”

    OMG, I want that as bad as I wanted (the now dead) Farrah Fawcett in the 70s.

    Yes, this (below) *easily* could have been me back then :

  5. avatar Ogre says:

    Nice break-top revolver. Up the caliber to .32 or .38 S&W and I’m in. I’ve got a couple of century-old antiques in those calibers, but a new one would be nice. It would fit in a pocket holster very nicely.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      Yeah, I’ll wait for a 5-shot .32 H&R or .38 Special version.

      1. avatar The Punisher says:

        Yeah I want a .38 special version but I don’t want to pay 1k for it…

        Shoulda picked up the one I had a chance to get at 600…

      2. avatar BLoving says:

        Wait for what? Top break .32s have been around for over a century and you can still get an H&R in decent shape for often less than $250.
        But it will be significantly larger, heavier, and not as well made as this pretty toy.
        Still, it would be intriguing to see if North American would consider changing their business model and dabble with a centerfire design.

    2. avatar David B. says:

      The original intent of the top break from NAA was for a .32, but the manufacturing cost down and went to the .22 instead.

      History is in the NAA forum.

      1. avatar Richard Harris says:

        Good evening, if you want a larger Top Brake revolver, look at the Schofield in 45lc. Now that is a lot of fun to shoot. I have 4 NAA’s in mag & lr combination and I am looking forward to the Ranger 2. I call it a mini Schofield. What ever you choose, you can’t go wrong with NAA. TTFN R

        1. avatar Richard Harris says:

          Greetings ALL OF you. I was just informed that I will receive one of the Early Bird Special Ranger 2’s 10 minutes ago by email. Thank you Sandy, thank you NAA. I will keep you posted as to when I get it. And NO it’s not for sale, nor is the Wasp, the Sidewinder, or the Blackjack I own. Thanks again, TTFN R.

        2. avatar Richard says:

          Greetings ALL OF you. I was just informed that I will receive one of the Early Bird Special Ranger 2’s 10 minutes ago by email. Thank you Sandy, thank you NAA. I will keep you posted as to when I get it. And NO it’s not for sale, nor is the Wasp, the Sidewinder, or the Blackjack I own. Thanks again, TTFN R.

  6. avatar Gregolas says:

    Looks like a nice back-up gun.

  7. avatar Michael says:

    I really like top break revolvers, so it’s nice to see a modern one in any caliber.

  8. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    If it was my first NAA, I’d be interested, but I have the classic .22LR/.22WMR convertible and it does just fine. I don’t shoot it often enough to justify a second one.

    My feeling is that if you find yourself in a hurry to reload a NAA mini-revolver, you’ve misjudged the situation badly. 🙂

    Would be nicer at the range, though.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    I’d buy a tiny gun like that if it was chambered for the famous .9mm.

  10. avatar PK says:

    Sold! I kick myself every day as I put my well-used NAA 22WMR into my pocket. I’d much rather have the top break model, but I stupidly assumed they’d be on the market for longer than they were. I’ll buy one of these right as soon as they’re offered.

  11. avatar MAGA says:

    May be worth it for the novelty, just like a miniature schofield.

  12. avatar southerner says:

    Can the NAA Ranger 2 Tob Break revolver be opened when the hammer is cocked?
    If so this would provide a totally safe way to lower the hammer from the cocked position.

  13. avatar jwm says:

    I haven’t bought a gun in over 3 years. I have all the guns I’ll ever need.

    Still, I like break tops…..

  14. avatar Fuck you says:

    I’m sorry it just isn’t worth it when I can carry an lcp or .38 snubbie. Especially if you are going to double the price.

  15. avatar strych9 says:

    Was gonna go to the NASGW here in Denver and see if I could find anything interesting to write up.

    This article saved me a weekend. Thanks! Still got press creds though… lol, gonna abuse that for at least a few hours.

  16. avatar Tom says:

    I have a Pug that I put the larger Black Widow grip on and carry it in a customer holster that some guy on the internet used to make. The grip fills out your hand well and makes the gun extremely accessible in the front pocket holster and easy to manipulate, point and shoot. I pick it up and carry it like my keys a pocket knife, and as long as I’m wearing more than underwear it’s easy to conceal and easy to carry and it damn sure beats being unarmed. I do like this gun too. They discontinued it a number of years back. This may put a damper on collectors as the ones NAA did manufacture fetch well north of a grand.

  17. avatar rogertc1 says:

    I was told NOV 4th email I will be getting an early bird Ranger 2. I ordered 22 and 22mag cylinder. I have an EB Swinger in my collection too.

  18. avatar patrick mcmillan says:

    Born in 1950. If you had a BB rifle and a bicycle you ruled! A good pocket knife,rabbits foot and later, a pair of “P F FLYERS” You were unstoppable!Afterwards, if you were lucky, you graduated to a 22 caliber rifle or pistol! It generally fed a 22 short, long or long rifle. One might ride through the whole neighborhood blowing away anything that moved! (Just kidding maybe !). Anyway, the point being is that I think that you guys have missed the point! I’m not one of those guys that follow all those specifics on guns, ammo, ballistics ,velocity and such! I grew up with 22’s ! BEST all purpose cal. made! You can peck a flea off of a ,well, whatever. Back to the point, 22’s that i grew up with were pieces of art! Target pistols ,as well as pocket pistols were not only fun and practical but many were used in competition ! Now, one company, has chosen to take this to another level! NORTH AMERICAN ARMS!!! I know little about them except that I bought a 22 short 5 shot revolver at a gun store in the 70’s (new).I hit a beer can 3 times out of 5 at 5 yards! Unfortunately, I traded it later on and always wanted another one.(Which i recently bought.) These small revolvers are not only superbly made but light weight and easy to conceal! Great for close small game or snake attack.These guns may not be suited for some especially ones with large hands.I can hold my 22 short as well any other gun that I shoot! I’m sure one would not want to carry as a primary back-up but for a licensed c.c. citizen it’s a comfort to carry in any pocket! However, I rely on my 45 auto holstered on my belt as my mainstay.They’re fun to shoot, ammo’s cheap and extremely well made! Would make a great stocking stuffer. Just dont forget the batteries, I mean bullets!!!

  19. avatar roger says:

    I too have an EB Ranger 2 coming my way in a week or do.

  20. avatar Eikmyjeek says:

    NAA products are superb, ranger is no exception, not for snipers, but wonderful to shoot, play with, and generally enjoy. I have a Rangeer II on order also.

  21. avatar Keith W. Bowles says:

    At contact distance, the .22 RFM is an awsome round!! Remember: this is NOT designed to be your PRIMARY EDC, other than those circumstances which REQUIRES a deep hide-out! Trauma…well YES. FIRED when IN (near) CONTACT with the sternum will lacerate the heart. Hitting the the “X” between the eyes with a bullet path leading just below the occipital “bump” WILL achieve INSTANT INCAPACITATION. At that distance, your typical J-Frame’s only advantage is that it makes a decent bludgeon!

  22. avatar blackjack says:

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    exposure! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve you guys to blogroll.

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