Win a Henry Long Ranger Rifle in the Henry Repeating Arms Hunt With Henry Giveaway

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Do you have deer fever yet? Planning to hunt for elk this fall? Are feral hogs on your target list?

It’s always the right time to win a great gun, so now is the time to enter the Henry Repeating Arms Hunt With a Henry Giveaway. Click the image above for your chance at a Henry Long Ranger rifle in your choice of caliber (click here to read JWT’s review of this exceptional hunting gun) along with a selection of other great Henry hunting gear. Good luck!


  1. avatar Mark A Adams says:

    I would like to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. avatar glenn bedard says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  3. avatar Andrew says:

    Henry, welcome to Canada!

  4. avatar Steve Brenner says:

    Henry iz the best period.

  5. avatar Jonathan Fong says:

    I’d like to win one

  6. avatar Matt Dismukes says:

    I have always wanted a Henry rifle. I just purchased my first one a few weeks ago. The Henry Frontier in 22wmr. It is one of the best shooting and handling rifles I have ever used and owned.

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