UPDATE: Suspect Caught in Shooting Death of Texas Tech Campus Police Officer

One police officer reported killed in an active shooter situation at Texas Tech University. courtesy greatvaluecolleges.net

UPDATE: A suspect in the shooting death of a Texas Tech campus police officer is in custody. This from lubbockonline.com:

Police have confirmed alleged shooter, Hollis Daniels, has been taken into custody after reportedly killing a Texas Tech Police officer during a shooting that left the university campus on lockdown on Monday night.

Officials have identified Daniels as a 19-year-old white male from Seguin, and a freshman at Texas Tech.

With campus now carry legal in the state of Texas, this incident will almost surely raise questions about the policy. It should be noted, though, that as Daniels is reported to be 19 years old, he’s too young to have a concealed carry permit, and therefore couldn’t have been legally carrying on the Texas Tech campus under state law.


After earlier reports of a shooting at the Texas Tech University campus police department in Lubbock, this report comes in from 10news.com:

A Texas Tech police officer was shot and killed by a gunman on Monday night as the university’s campus is on lockdown during an active shooting situation, KCBD-TV reported.

According to kcbd.com,

Texas Tech officials tell us they brought a student in for a welfare check, once at the PD building, the student pulled a gun and shot the officer, killing him. Then the student fled.

Police tell us the shooter fled in a vehicle and is still at large as of Monday night. Texas Tech campus is on lockdown, everyone on campus should take shelter in a safe location. UMC is also on lockdown.

More as it becomes available.


  1. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “Texas Tech officials tell us they brought a student in for a welfare check, once at the PD building, the student pulled a gun and shot the officer, killing him.”


    Well, they’ll be reviewing their protocols on admitting people to ‘secure’ areas of the building…

  2. avatar Tim says:

    What f_cking business is a university in, doing ‘welfare checks’ on people? Jesus, now college is now a freaking glorified daycare center.

    1. avatar Weskyvet says:

      Another student could’ve reported he was exhibiting warning signs of suicide. Fairly common now a days even on Army posts, somebody says little Billy seems like he may off himself the MPs or his chain o command are gonna come have a talk with little Billy and take his shoelaces and belt.

    2. avatar Westwood says:

      A big chunk of time for any collage police department is welfare checks. Little Tommy’s mother is concerned that Tommy hasn’t answered her calls, well is falls on the local/collage PD to track him down and tell Tommy to call his mother.

    3. avatar Andy1014 says:

      they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his dorm. Policy is to conduct a welfare check at that point.

    4. avatar Kendahl says:

      There’s nothing wrong with welfare checks provided the person who requests the check and the responding officers all use good judgement. Failure to check in with “mommy” today isn’t a valid reason. On the other hand, if a normally conscientious student with a medical problem suddenly disappears, a welfare check could save his life.

    5. avatar American Patriot says:

      Of course it is….where have you been the last 8 obummer years?

  3. avatar Weskyvet says:

    Shouldn’t they frisk the guy first??? I mean I’m no secret squirrel super operator operating off the X but it seems to me no matter what you get brought in for when you get taken back to an observation area for observation they should probably frisk you, take your belt and anything else you can hurt yourself with, and then bring you into the station.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Shouldn’t they frisk the guy first???”

      That’s what I meant with “…reviewing their protocols on admitting people to ‘secure’ areas of the building…”


      1. avatar Weskyvet says:

        Sorry Geoff I was typing mine while you posted yours…. Settle down now here go look at the tacgirls calendar http://tacgirls.com/ You’re welcome.

  4. avatar Vhyrus says:

    If this guy turns out to have a CHL all holy hell is going to break loose. Can I call conspiracy yet?

    1. avatar Bill C says:

      At 19 years old, he didn’t qualify for an LTC.

      1. avatar Bill C says:

        Post-booking they’re now reporting that the shooter is 18

      2. avatar RJ says:

        If he is active duty military or vet, he would qualify even if he is not 21 years old. Last time I checked, that was still the law.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          I could easily be wrong, but by looking at the pic of the accused, ex .mil types usually have their personal appearance in better order.

          And what’s the minimum enlistment age and length of enlistment, theses days? 17?

          The youngest he could be without a dishonorable discharge is what, about 20?

        2. avatar Bill C says:

          Yes, that’s still the law in Texas. The suspect is 18 with hair down to his collar. He’s not military.

    2. avatar JFRAME says:

      In Texas you have to be 21 years old to have a CHL/LTC. This guy was 19. So the CHL/LTC on campus rules are a mute point.

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        Moot point, not mute point. Yes, I went there.

  5. avatar Dave says:

    Suspect is a 19 year old. He won’t have a CHL. He is now in custody.

    1. avatar SR says:

      None the less, here comes the outcry from ignorant people pointing to this and saying this is why the recently passed campus carry law was a mistake.

  6. avatar Hank says:

    At least in Texas this means he’ll likely get death, and fast.

  7. avatar Starfreak74 says:

    This is my neck of the woods, and my wife works there (which it is a big campus) but still, crazy.

    1. avatar Andy1014 says:

      biggest campus in the nation now the Air Force doesn’t consider runways as part of there campus haha. I live in Lubbock as well

      1. avatar Starfreak74 says:

        Well that’s interesting.

  8. avatar st381183 says:

    RIP brother officer. Always pat down someone when taking them into a secure area, especially if you are doing a welfare check. Welfare check is a euphemism for person with suicidal thoughts or ideas.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Search your charge!

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        “Search your charge!”

        According to ‘Buzzfeed’, he somehow acquired the gun *during* questioning :

        “According to Buzzfeed, Texas Tech Police Chief Kyle Bonath said in a news conference that the student “had somehow procured a weapon during questioning at the police station,” and “mortally wounded one of our officers” before fleeing.”


        1. avatar jwm says:

          Did he take the gun from the cop?

        2. avatar Bill C says:

          As of this morning’s updates, PD (uncertain whether it was TTUPD, LPD, or LSO) found a gun near/in/under a car in the vicinity of where the suspect was arrested (a large student parking lot a short distance from the TTUPD station). They’re now saying they don’t know if the gun found was the suspect’s or the officer’s.

  9. avatar Huntmaster says:

    Worked at a hospital in Norwich CT as a security guard for a short period after I got out of the Navy over twenty years ago. The Norwich Police brought a guy in one night because he was drunk, very drunk, dirty and smelled. Really bad!!! He was arrested and initially placed in custody at the jail but they decided he was too drunk and they didn’t want the liability. The hospital had a room for this kind of thing where they locked the door and let them sleep it off under medical supervision. The hospital security staff had to monitor the intoxicated patient. I searched him for weapons, valuables and other items you would’nt want this type of patient to have. I did this while the Norwich Police Officers watched even though they assured me that he had already been searched at the jail. By time I went through his socks, pockets, shoes, and the fanny pack under his sweatshirt I found over $24,000 in cash!
    They actually thought that I was going to turn it over to them. Didn’t happen. It was logged and went into the Hospital Safe after it was recounted by the head nurse, myself and the other security guard. We didn’t have a lot faith in the police at that point.

  10. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

    Who wants to bet Texas Tech Cop-Killer Hollis Daniels is not only a member of AntiFa but a Registered Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter too?

    Like Las Vegas Shooter Registered DEMOCRAT Stephen Paddock lets hang this POS around the Democrat’s neck like an albatross.

    We must ALL follow Obama pal and ChiCongo Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advice ie. “NEVER let a crisis go to waste EXPLOIT it for political gain”. I intend on doing the aforementioned to the fullest you should too.

    We MUST control the narrative, comment on every article about the Texas Tech shooter, remind readers he was “underage”, a criminal ignoring laws already in place and not lawfully possessing a handgun in addition to violating the universities policies on illegal drugs and firearms. Don’t neglect to mention he’s a member of AntiFa in addition to being a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT and Bernie Sanders supporter (whether we have confirmation or not).

    1. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

      Democrats are trying to exploit this shooting, we must not only refute their lies but drown them out:


  11. this is not about some guy lawfully carrying a gun on campus , and committing a crime, this is about why the law was passed in the first place, to protect the people from guys like this criminal and I hope they remember that . and WESKYVET , I went to the link you gave Geoff , and that is a nice link, I think I am in love.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “…and that is a nice link, I think I am in love.”

      Some of them weren’t bad, and some of them I’d really like to know what their mom looks like…


  12. avatar AZgunner says:

    With all the cop hate in the article above this, I half expected the readers here to be jumping for joy.

    Anyways, very sad.

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  14. avatar LAH053 says:

    I am extremely sorry another officer was shot in the line of duty. I never placed anyone in the back of my squad without searching you never know what mind frame your subject is in. I treated everyone with respect but it stopped there as I trusted no one when my back was turned and I was driving. This was too steep a price to be paid for this lesson, my prayers are with his family and friends. God had a new guardian at the gates if heaven.

  15. avatar adverse4 says:

    If police/campus police assume the person is armed and act accordingly, they will be sued. If they assume the person is unarmed and law abiding, they could be dead. Take a choice.

  16. avatar Meatball says:

    Wellness/welfare check? A call like that means an individual is/has been or may possibly be exhibiting behavior/signs he is a danger to himself&or others,Should have been searched before being escorted anywhere esp. a secure area/building,yet now another Officer has lost his life,all due to shitty SOP….RIP

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