Guntruth Podcast [Now Available on iTunes]: Gunwerks 1000 Yard Challenge, Hudson’s H9 and Jeremy’s Boxers or Briefs

TTAG's Guntruth podcast

For this week’s podcast RF and DZ are joined by TTAG’s Testing and Reviews Editor, Jeremy S. We also have a special guest, Chris Ashworth, dealer sales manager for Gunwerks to talk about long range shooting and 1000-yard-out of-the-box rifles.

And if you want something more portable, now you can listen on your mobile device. Our podcasts are now available on iTunes (just click here to listen or subscribe). For those on Android devices, we recommend BeyondPod (use the following URL to add the podcast




  1. avatar Thundervoice says:

    The link to the iTunes podcast doesn’t work. If I’m going to listen, it will be only on my mobile device. Can’t find the podcast in the iTunes store.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      I played it on my phone in the browser by just clicking the play button on the scrubber embedded in this post. Doesn’t work for you? Otherwise I know nothing of podcasts or related apps haha

      Try this:

  2. avatar Landon says:

    Link worked for me but a search didn’t find anything relevant.

  3. avatar Jesse says:

    nothing when i search podcasts from my iphone

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