Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Jay

Jay's Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield and Hinderer XM-18

Jay doesn’t carry a lot, but what he does carry is first rate. A slim, reliable single stack nine and one of the best blades money can buy. See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar RogUinta says:

    $450+ on a knife… $350 on the pistol.

    Interesting priorities…

    1. avatar knightofbob says:

      The difference is, and I’m sure I’m not alone, I use my knife several times a day, to the point where I rarely think about it. It’s almost an extension of my arm that spends a lot of time in my pocket. If given unlimited funds to buy whatever I wanted for an EDC kit, you bet your ass my knife would be more expensive than my pistol.

  2. avatar joetast says:

    But the knife never runs out of bullets. I would like to see a bump fire on it tho. That’s s good basic EDC however. A little much for the knife tho

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Rick Hinderer makes some decent knives.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Tom, I’ve lost a few expensive (well, to me, anyways) Spyderco knives over the years while EDCing them.

      The thought of losing a knife the price of a decent used Glock would make me very uneasy to consider carrying one…

  4. avatar Cliff H says:

    Just happened to notice, and it intrigues me, how many of the items in these photos look like they are brand-new/never used.

    1. avatar joetast says:

      Shhh, it’s a secret

  5. avatar steve says:

    The knife is made by a famous knife maker. Some people are into knives.
    I’ll bet he has a more expensive gun in his collection.

  6. I am into knives, got into them from martial arts practice, and like them a lot. even have some expensive ones. but I tend not to use them in fear of loosing them. yes sometimes they do come out. but I have some old expensive guns too ( my Colts) and sometimes they come out to the range but I don’t carry them either. ( some like my Agent which I have 2 of and look like they have both been used I do use. but my minty ones no.). and you can find a real nice knife for a good price that will work just as nice as some pricey ones. and yes I have some semi pricey ones that see some use, I guess it really all depends on the person, a good knife by buck, cold steel , puma or benchmade ( or even the old Japanese made valor’s) will stand up well to hard use and give you good service.

    1. avatar joetast says:

      I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t sharpen a buck knife for shit, I’ve got one, cleaned slot of deer, n fish n critters with it. IIt is hard to get sharp.for me……my danged comment screen s jumping like a kangaroo

  7. avatar Docduracoat says:

    A Smith and Wesson Shield in 9 mm
    The model with a thumb safety
    A very popular choice for concealed carry here on TTAG
    I don’t have plastic striker fired gun
    I should look at a Shield

  8. JOETAST, what angle are you using when trying to sharpen this knife and which model is it? what kind of stone and oil are you using? and yes some knives are hard to sharpen it is not just you. maybe take it to a cuttery shop and let them have at it? or change the stone and the angle. and maybe just try one side of the blade.

  9. avatar DJ Saul Teanuts says:

    I’m not a knife guy. Can anyone explain why that knife costs as much as a decent single stack 9?

  10. DOCDURACOAT, I don’t own a S&W Shield , but had the opportunity to shoot one at the range. I was expecting some harsh recoil since the gun had a very narrow grip and was so light. but I was very impressed , the trigger feels like you are pulling on a cushion and the recoil to my surprise was very soft. now I want to try the Walther PPSM2 and see how that is. I can say if you got the Shield you got a good gun. I was shooting the 9mm version.

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