Enter the Hunt with Henry Giveaway for a Chance to Win a Henry Long Ranger Rifle in the Caliber of Your Choice

Enter the Hunt with a Henry Giveaway for a chance to win a Henry Long Ranger Rifle

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There may not be a better hunting gun — no matter what you’re hunting — than a lever action rifle. And no one does lever action rifles better than Henry Repeating Arms. 

And since it’s always a good time to win a great gun, now is the time to enter the Henry Repeating Arms Hunt With a Henry Giveaway. Click the image above for your chance at a Henry Long Ranger rifle in your choice of caliber (click here to read JWT’s review of this exceptional hunting gun) along with a selection of other great Henry hunting gear. Good luck!


  1. avatar Sirlin Niver says:

    I own 2 Henry guns; a Big Boy and a Mare’s Leg. Both are 44 Magnum. They’re also my most revered in my collection.

  2. avatar CarlosT says:

    Can I get one in .60 caliber?

  3. avatar BLoving says:

    Just got my first “You signed up for our junk mail!” catalog from Henry in the mail today. Flipped through the catalog while on the toilet, ‘natch.

  4. avatar Roymond says:

    “Enter to win”… but it gives no way to enter.

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