The Truth About Frozen Shotgun Chokes

George Trulock of Trulock Chokes writes: I’m sure a lot of shotgun shooters have encountered this dreaded problem. You start to remove the choke from your shotgun and it will not budge. You increase the pressure on your choke wrench and still get no movement. You eventually end up putting enough torque on the wrench […]

Guntruth Podcast [Now Available on iTunes]: Gunwerks 1000 Yard Challenge, Hudson’s H9 and Jeremy’s Boxers or Briefs

For this week’s podcast RF and DZ are joined by TTAG’s Testing and Reviews Editor, Jeremy S. We also have a special guest, Chris Ashworth, dealer sales manager for Gunwerks to talk about long range shooting and 1000-yard-out of-the-box rifles. And if you want something more portable, now you can listen on your mobile device. […]

FIME Group: Buy Our Molot VEPRs While You Still Can

FIME Group imports and distributes Russian Molot VEPRs in some really cool calibers. Or at least they used to. When Russian sanctions expanded in June to include these firearms, the supply was cut off. At NASGW we got the lowdown on the remaining inventory at FIME Group, which includes a bunch of really unique configurations […]

Gear Review: Identilock Biometric Gun Lock

[reviewadinsert] You want to keep a firearm close by at night to respond to that dreaded bump in the night. But you also have children; the small, curious kind. There’s no shortage of options for bedside firearms security, from simple trigger locks, to nightstand drawer-sized lock boxes, to under-bed safes. The biggest issue with all […]

Man Driving Truck Reportedly Killed Six in Lower Manhattan, Then Shot by Police After Pulling ‘Imitation Firearms’

UPDATE: The latest reports indicate that Sayfullo Saipov, a resident of Tampa, Florida, was the driver of the rented truck that ran down people along a bicycle path in lower Manhattan this afternoon. The death toll has risen to eight with at least 12 more injured. ——————– At least six people are reported to have been […]

New from girlSHOT: Concealed Carry Compact

You’re looking at a “Unique soft-touch Concealed Carry Ammo Compact hosting ultimate self-defense ammo combining Shell Shock’s case technology with Full Stop expanding solid Copper Hollow-Point Cartridges.” Huh? While hidden gun sh*t is inherently cool, and those Shell Shock cartridges are pretty as a picture, why would you want to hide your ammo in the first […]

New From NAA: Ranger 2 Top-Break Revolvers Shipping Soon

TTAG snuck into this year’s NASGW Expo to get the scoop on some new guns and gear. Visiting the North American Arms booth, we found out that the Ranger 2 will begin shipping around January. It’s a top-break, .22 WMR Mini Revolver with an automatic case extractor. Much like the extremely-limited-production original Ranger, but simplified […]