Metal Prices Up. Ammo Prices to Follow?

Reader John D. Dingell III writes: Unnoticed in the firearms press: the prices of copper, lead, and zinc have been trending upwards over the last year. Long term forecasts within the metals industry expect this trend to continue. Although prices are not expected to reach their mid 2000’s levels, they could ascend to five-years-ago levels. […]

What Three Guns Should We Save?

Hurricane Harvey hasn’t yet brought enough water to the Austin area to float TTAG’s ark, but we’re getting there. The good news: there’s still some space left for a few more pairs of guns. The last guy left behind the unicorns and mammoths, while saving tarantulas, leeches, and whatever this thing is. What three firearms […]

New From Tyrant Designs CNC: HALO Series AR HandStop

Tyrant Designs CNC has spent the last year or so becoming an established name in the AR accessories market by introducing sharp looking, functional parts. New from Tyrant is the HALO handstop. Press release follows: TYRANT DESIGNS CNC |  HALO HandStop Launch | Press Release Tyrant Designs CNC is at it again, this time coming […]

GLOCK Gen 5 is Here! Have Guns Become Boring?

So GLOCK rolls-out a new GLOCK and the world goes into shock! Not. When TTAG published the news that Gen5 had landed, our pageviews barely blipped. Which is a bit odd, given that GLOCK-brand GLOCKs are America’s favorite GLOCK and TTAG is America’s favorite firearms blog. I have two theories why Gaston’s gat wasn’t all […]

Chicago’s Weekend Shootings: Does This Sound Like a Gun Problem to You?

Anytime anyone is shot for any reason, gun control advocates see it as a gun problem. Exhibit A: the antis’ willingness to include firearms-related suicides to pad  their “gun violence” stats. When it comes to Chicago’s astounding levels of firearms-related injuries and homicides, for advocates of civilian disarmament, it’s all about “easy access to guns.” […]