Steve Tarani Goes Hand to Hand in Milwaukee

Lots of people carry a handgun for personal self-defense, but as far as self-defense training goes, most people don’t progress beyond a one to three day introductory use-of-firearms course which teaches people how to shoot, but not necessarily how to fight. To the extent the people carrying a firearm are ready to fight, however, they […]

University of Minnesota Cyber Security Expert Arrested for “Gun Buying Spree”

“Investigators say [Massoud] Amin – who his attorney describes as a gun hobbyist – bought 14 handguns from seven separate gun shops across the metro in a two-and-a-half-week span this summer,” reports. He was under a felony indictment at the time, accused of providing fabricated financial documents in his divorce.” Do you trust a journalist who […]

If Only Guns Were Regulated Like Cars

Last week I was Milwaukee-bound, heading for the NRA Carry Guard Expo in my BMW, listening to some of J.S. Bach’s Two Part Inventions. I was tooling along at a speed that was (ahem) perfectly legal and safe given the general conditions. I downshifted to pass some guy in a Chrysler, the shift barely necessary […]

Question of the Day: Pay Gang Bangers Not to Commit “Gun Violence”?

The Advance Peace program includes “mentorship,” “educational opportunities” and job training. The 50 Sacramentans who qualify for their AP courses (see what I did there?) must meet [unspecified] targets to earn the $1000 per month the city’s bribing offering them to not to commit “gun violence.” The Sacramento City Council voted 9-0 to Advance Peace. […]

Three Reasons to Buy a GLOCK Gen5

I gave Gaston’s gang a bit of a kicking in my post GLOCK Gen 5 is Here! Have Guns Become Boring? Trust me: it came from a place of love. I’ve owned, carried and occasionally cleaned a number of GLOCKs, including a GLOCK 30SF and the ubiquitous GLOCK 19. OK, sure, I modified them with Ghost triggers and Trijicon night […]

Quote of the Day: Voluntary Gun Amnesties Are Nothing But Political Theater

“All the research studies show that very limited, unenforced amnesties like this one produce no measurable decrease in violent crime. You can’t prove they reduce death or injury. But gun amnesties are popular right around the world. They are the politician’s favourite feel-good gesture and they generate really useful media images of guns being destroyed.” – […]