Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – William

Given that William is a chef, you’d expect him to be well fixed for cutting capability. Roger that. See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .



  1. avatar anonymoose says:

    William must be a hipster fusion sushi chef, and that’s just the stuff he carries on his person!

    1. avatar DrewN says:

      Maybe sushi chefs are different, but I’ve been working in restaurants off and on for 35 years and no one brings their nice knives to work. 99% of everyone uses Victorianox, which is basically the polymer duty pistol of the knife world.

      1. avatar A. Cohen says:

        It’s often a source of pride and shows care in your work and for the final product. It’s not uncommon to see the final cuts for a 9 dollar dish being performed with a 200+ dollar knife.
        A Wilson Combat will put the same hole in the intended target as a High Point if you do your part. The same can’t be said with the performance of knives. The craftsmanship and performance is exponential and so many are task specific. Still dependent on the user though. Doesn’t matter the hardware if you have a software problem.

        1. avatar DrewN says:

          Again, I’ve worked at over 50 establishments in my “career” and the only folks I see with expensive knives are kids right out of culinary school, and that doesn’t last long. Do I own a few $200+ knives? Sure. Do I take them to work? hahahaha No. Just like the myth professional chefs have hand beaten copper pans or piss money away on bullshit like All-Clad, the fancy knife thing is way overblown. Never worked Sushi tho, but my friends that do have their own world of inexpensive knives, just single edged and really soft so you can really strop them up.

  2. avatar Nine says:

    Nicer than my knives.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    William is going to kick ass if he’s ever attacked by raw fish.

  4. avatar F says:

    Wtf dude is carrying kitchen knives everyday 😂and I don’t even carry more than 2 mags

  5. avatar Concerned Citizen says:

    No Field Notes so you may pass Go and collect $200.

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