The Trace: Civilians Own 70 Times More Guns Than U.S. Police and Military Combined

“My Trace colleague Jennifer Mascia pulled some numbers from the Small Arms Survey, which gauges gun stockpiles in the hands of civilians, law enforcement, and militaries around the world,” The Trace’s email blaster writes. “She found that with an estimated 270 million firearms owned by everyday Americans, civilians own 70 times more weapons than all police and military […]

Gear Review: Suarez International Flat and Straight Patrol Grade Trigger for GLOCK

Even the most die-hard GLOCK fanboy has to/should/must admit that Gaston’s motto of “perfection” doesn’t include the triggers in his guns. That said, arguably, the standard-issue GLOCK gas-pedal is one of the better triggers in the striker-fired cohort, if not the best. Though there’s a long take-up, the break is reasonably crisp, and there’s plenty […]

GLOCK Drops Presser, Videos for Gen 5 GLOCK 17 and 19

  In case you didn’t know, GLOCK has released Gen 5 pistols. Specifically, they’ve updated the GLOCK 17 and GLOCK 19. The presser proclaims the new guns reflect the gunmaker’s “constant pursuit of perfection.” Does that mean actual perfection is impossible? Yes! If we go by The First Council of Nicea. If we go buy […]

‘Music Wire’ Magazines: They’re Worth The Premium Price

You’ve probably noticed that some higher-end magazines from third party providers (because not all factory mags are that good) advertise that they use “music wire” magazine springs. Along with the materials and design of the magazine itself, that’s why they insist you should pay a little more than you would for factory mags in some […]