Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: A ‘Successful’ Buyback, Guilty Until Proven Otherwise in New York and an Alert in Huntington

Everything sells at a (government subsidized) price . . . More than 2,000 guns turned in at Camden buyback A gun buyback effort in Camden Friday and Saturday, the first since 2012, brought in more than 2,000 guns, and paid the owners of those weapons a total of $222,000.  … Gun owners were given $200 […]

Venezuela Set to (Officially) Become a Dictatorship: This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace

Venezuelans took to the polls this weekend, voting on a proposal that would create a constitutional assembly likely to grant President Nicolas Maduro’s ruling socialist party virtually unlimited powers. The actual number of citizens who voted is in doubt. The outcome is not.  To the point where the U.S. is looking to impose additional sanctions on the […]

Vox Condemns President Trump for Calling Gang Members ‘Animals’

One of the central tenets underlying gun ownership for self-defense: there are bad people out there. Seriously bad people. People with no respect for civilized norms, who’d happily rape, torture, injure and/or kill innocent people without any moral qualms. President Trump has a name for these people, some of whom are illegal immigrants: “animals.” Vox science […]

Australian Cops Seek Two Missing Rounds

So a motorcycle cop in Brisbane, Australia lost his GLOCK mag. “It was believed to have fallen out of an officer’s handgun somewhere between Brisbane and Ipswich on Friday afternoon,” reports. “Police said the magazine and bullets were recovered on Saturday afternoon after they were handed in to the Rosewood Police Station by a member […]

Gear Review: DI Optical RV2 Red Dot Optic

Reader Brian P. writes: Who — or what — is DIO? It’s the US arm of Dong In Optical (hold the jokes, please), a Korean manufacturer of optical aiming accessories for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets. If you haven’t heard of the company, you’re hardly alone. But given the quality and affordability of their […]

FN America Announces Two New California-Compliant Rifles

As egregious as California’s civil rights infringing gun laws are, it’s home to over 39 million people, which still translates to millions of actual and potential gun owners. That’s a market that’s hard to ignore. And apparently lucrative enough to justify the design and marketing costs of producing Cali-specific models. Hence FN’s announcement today that […]

New From Elftmann Tactical: ELF-SE Trigger

Jeremy absolutely loves ELF triggers — check out his world famous AR drop-in trigger roundup to see why — but at $259 and up the cost of entry is high. Looking to expand their reach, Elftmann has just released its new ELF-SE trigger at a much lower MSRP of $169. By simplifying the aesthetics of the trigger […]

Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Caliber?

In yesterday’s Question of the Day: Is There A Woman’s Perspective on Guns? TTAG commenator MamaLiberty asked “Why so many silly questions these days? I’d rather go back to the silly old caliber/gun brand wars.” This website is nothing if not responsive to our regular readers’ advice. Enquiring minds want to know: what’s you favorite caliber — for fun […]

Gear Review: Lyman Auto-Advance Target System

As first world problems go, walking downrange to change your targets is pretty horrific. Trekking hundreds of yards in Texas in late July battling heat and snakes? Fuggedaboudit! Thankfully, Lyman has come to the rescue with the Auto-Advance Target System. This sweet piece of kit changes targets remotely and works out to 200 yards. Joking […]

Quote of the Day: So Much For Those Hysterical Arguments Against the Hearing Protection Act

“(D)espite their relative proliferation, few crimes are committed with (suppressors). BATFE says in the past 10 years it has prosecuted around 44 cases a year, with only six of the cases being committed by people with prior felony convictions. Noting the lack of criminality associated with silencers, the law-enforcement agency said ‘they should not be […]