New from Primary Arms, Advanced 30mm Red Dot

Primary Arms makes some pretty good optics for the money. And their lineup now includes a 30mm red dot. The new Advanced Red Dot has some great features and a lifetime warranty. MSRP is a reasonable $129.99 and mounts run $14.99 when purchased with the optic.

From Primary Arms:

Our full size 30mm red dot is back and better than ever! The PA30MMRD-AD is our Advanced Full Size 30mm Red Dot with an estimated 14,000 hours of battery life, three night-vision compatible brightness settings, a lifetime warranty, and much more. The true 1x field of view and crisp 2 MOA dot combine for an unbeatably quick and precise sight picture while shooting with both eyes open.

The first three brightness settings out of ten are night vision compatible and can only be seen when the red dot is used together with a separate night vision device. Turning the rotary switch until it stops in either direction will turn the red dot completely off. At the highest settings the 2 MOA dot is instantly acquired by the eye even in bright daylight.

The one-piece main body is stronger and lighter than previous full size red dots. It is compatible with any industry standard 30mm type red dot mount and will give the stated co-witness of those mounts. Our Primary Arms High Cantilever mount, PAHICANT, is a great choice for a solid basic mount on AR-15s and many other rifles. PA30MMRD-AD is powered from the factory by a single 1/3N “button” battery, but in a pinch you can substitute two LR44 batteries in the same battery compartment.

High quality flip caps and a flexible rubber cap tether are included. PA30MMRD-AD is designed to combine well with red dot magnifiers such as the Primary Arms PA3XLERGENIV and PA3XLER-AD.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much abuse a $129 optic can take. We’ll also compare it directly to the Aimpoint PRO just reviewed by Jeremy. Stay tuned.


  1. avatar Madcapp says:

    This is exactly why that Aimpoint PRO (from a couple of days ago) isn’t worth $400ish dollars.

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      Google “aimpoint pro house fire”

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    What is the advantage of a large tube red dot like this over their ordinary ‘micro’ red dot?

    1. avatar Jomo says:

      Quicker acquisition of the target at short range and supposedly work better with night-vision. Don’t know about the second because I’m not made of money.

  3. avatar Bad-Timing says:

    No ACSS reticles?! Boo! Hiss!

    Nah. Good for them (us). Still though. If that’s one of the big draws to PA it makes you wonder why they don’t all have those reticles.

  4. avatar The Rookie says:

    Aw, man. When I saw “Advanced 30 mm”, I thought that was the bore of a new rifle on the market.

    Admittedly, the recoil on such a weapon would be rather stout….

  5. avatar Dan l says:

    How much does it weigh? The wider the field of view the better imo its why i have switched to 30 and 34mm scopes over 1 inch. Those micro red dots are okay but a 30mm or bigger view box is so much better imo. When u run irons thru a micro red dot it feels like your looking thru one of those tiny scopes from the 70s and 80s that came with air guns and cheap 22s. Also its hard to put a bullet drop reticle on a 1x optic.

  6. avatar neiowa says:

    Where is it MADE? Some CHICOM/PLA factory?

  7. avatar neiowa says:

    Where is it MADE (country of origin)? Some CHICOM/PLA factory?

  8. avatar neiowa says:

    Where is it MADE? Some CHICOM/PLA factory?

    That you gloss over the country of origin is BS. That the US consumer is directly financing the R&D and production capacity of the PLA is despicable. They define commie bastards and are the enemy of the US. Buy your tee shirts and underoos ok, weapons and accessories NO.

    1. avatar Ollie says:

      Chinese quality has gotten as good or better than US quality on products with good design and inspection.
      Who do you think makes all the phones, computers, televisions, tools, and everything else ?
      After seeing a uTube video of an American Kelloggs worker peeing on the product, I am not enamored of US products anymore.

    2. avatar Vhyrus says:

      Own any Russian guns? How about Turkish ones?

      Get over yourself. They make good stuff at reasonable prices. Not buying from them is not going to make them less communist or less likely to see us as friendly.

    3. avatar Capt_Destro says:

      Made in the USA isn’t everything. If that was the case, promag would live up to their name. Vortex and Primary Arms are American companies. Supporting them isn’t a bad thing.

  9. avatar Timmy! says:

    How many MOA is a 30mm red dot?

  10. avatar RetroG says:

    Three useless settings unless you own night vision gear and truly odd batteries.

    1. avatar FulMetlJakit says:

      I work in the “adult novelty” industry where LR44s are fairly common.
      They are usually terrible batteries (poor quality control and shelf life/discharge rate) and will sometimes rupture violently with age. That being said they are small and semi-common making them a decent back up option.
      Still AA, AAA, CR123, or even CR2032 would be a better choice, IMO.But they are still better than TTAG’s comment program which is somewhere between cancer and misquitoes, at least on my Galaxy.

  11. avatar neiowa says:

    I called Primary Arms. Yes made in China – PLA/chicom

  12. avatar Casey Matt says:

    What always amazes me are the people that bitch about their optics being made in China while they drive around town in their made in Mexico Ford Pickups. Primary Arms is an American company employing Americans (and hopefully legal ones), so let that be your guidepost if you must have one. Hell, Michelle Obama was made in America, is she worth spitting on if she were on fire?

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