Breaking: Georgia Governor Signs Campus Carry

“[Georgia] Gov. Nathan Deal signed a measure Thursday that would allow college students and others to carry concealed weapons on campus, despite vetoing similar legislation last year amid an uproar from gun control advocates,” reports. “The measure, known as the ‘campus carry’ bill, would allow people with firearms permits to carry concealed guns onto public college and university campuses, and it has been long sought by conservatives and Second Amendment activists who cast it as a crucial safety measure for students, faculty and staff to protect themselves.” Deal told the press the deal:

“At the present time, assailants can, and do, target these students knowing full well that their victims are not permitted to carry protection, even those who are weapons carry license holders, because they are either going to or coming from a campus where no weapons are allowed.”

Score one for common sense gun laws.


  1. avatar Anon says:

    The bill is actually pretty awful really. The number of restrictions on where you can actually carry and some of the more idiotic restrictions amount to a fairly shit law.

    1. avatar AutismOverTexas says:

      It’s a foot in the door. Better than no campus carry at all.

      1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Is it? Sometimes people can get thrown a bone and the legislature uses that as an excuse not to revisit the issue. Then you’re stuck with a largely hollow victory.

        I don’t know. Let’s call it yards gained on the play, but not a 1st down, and certainly not a touchdown. Fair enough?

  2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Not perfect, but far better than what we had!

    1. avatar Bugman says:

      Damn right RC!! I have an 18 year old son
      (and damn fine marksman) heading off to college next year. When this news hit I got
      a text from him saying it was time to build that AR that I promised if this passed. The sacrifices we make for our children!

      1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

        Took my daughter to get her GA Weapons Carry License the day she turned 21, but she has been unable to carry most of the time due to stupid laws. In addition when I go to meet her for lunch we have always had to go off campus because I refuse to give up my pistol.

  3. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Welcome to the club, GA.

  4. avatar Mr. AR says:

    Hunter Holster 1100x for the win.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I thought that was a Hunter. I used to run the hills back home with a H&R 999 in one of those.

  5. avatar Libertarian says:

    Utah is better (k12 + open carry option)

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