New From Hornady: 300 WSM Loads

New to Hornady is the .300 Winchester Short Magnum. They’re jumping into the venerable caliber with two loads, one in their Superformance line and one in their Precision Hunter line. Press release and photos follow . . .

Hornady® Adds 300 WSM to Ammunition Lineup

Hornady is pleased to announce they are now shipping two different loads of 300 WSM ammunition. Both options offer exceptional accuracy and give hunters a dependable choice in either a 165 gr GMX or 200 gr ELD‐X bullet.

300 WSM 165 gr GMX® Superformance® — Item No. 82206
Superformance uses ultra‐progressive propellants that take the GMX bullet to levels of performance that are simply unattainable with conventional propellants. Constructed of a tough, copper‐alloy, GMX bullets deliver controlled expansion while maintaining 95%+ weight retention. Find out more »

300 WSM 200 gr ELDX® Precision Hunter™ – Item No. 82208
This new load offers the 300 WSM shooter the best performing bullet available in a precision hunting load. The ELD‐X bullet is a match accurate bullet featuring highest‐inclass ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. Find out more »

Both 300 WSM loads are available from stocking dealers, major retail sporting goods stores, and their websites. Dealers
can be found by visiting the Retail Locator on


  1. avatar FedUp says:

    Rumors of the deaths of the WSM and WSSM cartridge families are greatly exaggerated?
    Or Hornady is making legacy ammo for orphan Winchesters and Brownings?

    1. avatar Ddub says:

      Not all the cousins in that WSM/WSSM family have fared as well as the .300 and .325. Cool rounds though, I always liked the 270 WSM.

  2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Expected muzzle velocities???

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      If you follow the “find out more” links you’ll go to the product pages where velocities, ballistic coefficients, etc are listed.

  3. avatar Ddub says:

    I wonder if they are going to kill the 300 RCM. I really dig my 338 RCM, sweet round and package, not much else matches the whole package.

  4. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Love my savage .300 WSM. It is my favorite small game rifle.
    Going to have to give some of that precision hunter stuff a try.

  5. avatar Accur81 says:

    These look like cool loads. The 165 GMX Full Boar averages about 3260 FPS from my 26″ stainless .300 Win Mag Win 70. I wonder if the. 300 WSM Superformance will be as fast. My buddy has a Tikka .300 WSM that he describes as a “turbo .308.”

  6. avatar JC says:


    The 1911 is venerable. The .375 H&H is venerable.

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

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