BREAKING: VA Judge Rules Katie Couric Changing Pro-Gun Answer in Documentary “Neither False nor Harmful”

  Katie Couric produced an anti-gun documentary titled Under the Gun which was released last year. The biggest reaction may have been from the pro-gun voices featured in the film. Couric assembled a pro-gun panel in studio. She asked them “how do you prevent felons from purchasing firearms?” The former CNN PA edited their answer. She […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Danny Summerhill

“Momentum Sports Group holds our athletes to the highest standards of ethical conduct and accountability – both on and off the road. Following an internal investigation, we accepted Mr. Summerhill’s resignation from the team, effective immediately. The personal actions of one individual do not represent the values of our dedicated athletes, sponsors or fans, and […]

Random Thoughts About Carrying in ‘Gun Free Zones’

  There are times when I ignore signs that prohibit the lawful carry of firearms here in the great state of Texas. Thankfully, most of these establishments violate the strict requirements for legally-binding signage. Which are as follows [via]: In Texas there are three different signs that restrict a License to Carry holder from carrying […]

Gun Range RSOs: Gun Heroes of the Day

We recently published an Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day on some extremely dangerous gun handling at a gun range. A range where the Range Safety Officers (RSOs) were nowhere to be seen. I’d like to take some time to acknowledge those hard-working RSOs who keep us safe at the range . . . This army of […]

Oklahoma Governor Signs SB 397 Restoring Right to Carry on Buses

On 19 May, 2017, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law another firearm reform law. SB 397 removes another bit of egregious discrimination against poor people exercising their Second Amendment rights. In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to bear arms on mass transit buses. Banning people from carrying arms on buses effectively chills Second Amendment rights for people […]