New From MasterPiece Arms: Enhanced Vertical Grip (EVG)

Earlier this month, Jeff Gonzales of The Range at Austin walked us through the fundamentals of proper trigger finger placement. One of the keys to consistency and accuracy is the correct location of the trigger finger in relation to the frame of the firearm. MasterPiece Arms seems to agree, and has even created a grip that essentially forces proper technique for utmost accuracy. While it’s designed for use on MPA’s own chassis system, it will fit most rifles that accept an AR-15 grip. Press release follows . . .

MasterPiece Arms’ New Enhanced Vertical Grip (EVG) Assists Trigger Control

The new grip for the MPA BA Chassis System includes an enlarged palm swell, trigger finger support rest and an enhanced thumb notch.

Comer, Ga. – (April 2017) – MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles, Chassis Systems, Defender Pistols and Carbines, Suppressors and MPAR Rifles, is pleased to introduce its new injection molded Enhanced Vertical Grip (EVG), designed specifically for the MPA BA Chassis System.

“At MPA we care about the needs of precision shooters. In fact, the idea for this grip came directly from a suggestion that David Preston, last year’s PRS Champion, gave me at a match. David’s idea was that having a grip that extended to support your trigger finger would help the shooter have better trigger control and a smoother trigger pull when he finds himself in an improvised or unnatural shooting position. I took his suggestion to heart, mocked up the design, created a working prototype and then tested it out and it worked!” said Phil Cashin, president of MPA.

The grip design includes a true vertical interface with the rifle, an enlarged palm swell, trigger finger support rest and an enhanced thumb notch. In addition, the grip comes with MPA’s special grip tape for improved contact. The interface with the rifle is a standard A2 Type, which means the grip, with potential minor modifications, should be able to fit onto other rifles, carbines and chassis’ that utilize an A2 grip. Because the grip is a solid injection molded component, its strength and integrity will not be sacrificed when modified by polishing, grinding, sanding or other forms of modification. The EVG is available in right-handed configurations in black and will be standard on all new rifles and chassis systems. MSRP is $39.95.

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbines and suppressors, visit


  1. avatar Cucamonga Jeff says:

    It doesn’t look South paw friendly and for that reason I’m out…

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      Second that. Looks as fun as a pistol whipping for a lefty or someone who does “practical” shooting that mandates hand switching.

  2. avatar Tile floor says:

    I dunno if they want to make it and you want to buy it go for it. I can shoot an AR just fine with a standard angled grip.

    I can’t help but laugh when I see some of the three gun guys with all these doodads and shotguns with ridiculous looking magazine tubes. I get wanting to have an advantage but I like my stuff more practical. Just my .02, again knock yourself out you’ll get no judgement from me, it’s just not my cup of tea

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      But it just might if you were shooting a thousand yards or more with a precision chassis rifle.

    2. avatar Somebody says:

      To a bench shooter, this is quite practical. Practical does not necessarily mean multifunctional or multipurpose.

  3. avatar Mr. Woodcock says:

    Vertical is so….so….tactical.

  4. avatar VillarPerosa says:

    :eye roll: i get so tired of this $#!t. taking steps backwards and acting like its breaking new ground

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