Scenes From the NRA Convention Floor: Gearing Up in Atlanta

Technically, the NRA’s annual shindig in Atlanta’s World Congress Center gets under way today. But the real show, featuring 800+ exhibitors and 80,000 or so wall-to-wall attendees doesn’t get started until tomorrow. In the mean time, RF’s been prowling the convention center floor, open carrying his FN 509 and surveying the set-up process.

Jeremy and RF will be handling our coverage this year. Be sure to say hi if you run into them on the floor.


  1. avatar BLoving says:

    I like the hell out of that Tikka staircase…

    1. I like the hell out of that rifle.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        CAn you get me one to review?
        Pretty please…

  2. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Ruger is making a 10/22 TD integrally suppressed barrel now! I need one! Please find out if that barrel will work with the X22 backpacker Magpul stock!

  3. avatar Rimfire says:

    It appears that the Leupold and Browning area has some interesting scenery 😉

  4. avatar FlamencoD says:

    Pretty cool. Looking forward to more pics and coverage. Must be fun to be in the gun business, get to go to all these massive conventions on a regular basis. Try to give us your first impressions on the new Springfield XDe and the new Taurus AR-15.

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