New Optics From Trijicon at NRA Annual Meetings

Trijicon is in Atlanta at the NRAAM in force, with lots of new wares on display. MRO Patrol, thermal optics, and a 1-8x AccuPower riflescope. Photos and details follow . . . MRO Patrol is seen above. The 2 MOA dot was bright and extremely crisp. Field of view seemed very good. IR-HUNTER Thermal Riflescope. […]

Gear Review: 3 AR Pistol Grips from Trinity Force

Pure coincidence or numerical forces at work? Either way, we’ve got three AR pistol grips from…wait for it…Trinity Force. Hey, three Is A Magic Number, after all. TF offers a wide selection of grip styles in a variety of materials – reinforced polymer, high-density polymer/rubber, and aluminum. Each is designed to provide a unique set of features for […]

New From Winchester: Expedition Big Game Long Range

Running Nosler Accubond LR projectiles with high ballistic coefficients (0.719 in 6.5 Creedmoor, 0.640 in .30 cal), Winchester’s new Expedition Big Game Long Range line is specifically designed for hunting at, well, longer ranges. And anything in-between. Press release follows . . . Expedition Big Game Long Range: Tough Game. Tougher Bullet. Continuing with the […]

ATF to Bill Nye: Drop Dead

Let’s be honest: anything that promotes a visceral reaction — sex, cars…guns — can grab attention, which is why images and iconography of them are so often used in marketing. And which is why we see such things showing up in advertisements next to otherwise mundane things such as soft drinks and arthritis medications. So […]

Random Thoughts About NRA and Diversity

The NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits is OFWG central. Ethnic and chronological diversity is obvious by its absence. Is that a problem? Not for the brace of African thirty-something American NRA members I interviewed for this article. “We’ve got no problems here,” one of them assured me. Yes but . . . could the NRA do more to […]

Girardoni Air Rifle at NRA Annual Meetings

Made famous by the Lewis and Clark Expedition and often credited with their very survival, the Girardoni Air Rifle offered a high rate of a fire and a 20-ball capacity. Sending .46 caliber lead balls to an effective range of 125 yards, it was quite the formidable weapon. And there’s one on display at the […]