TTAG Tuesday Evening Podcast

Welcome to the Tuesday Evening Podcast for Tuesday, February 7, 2017. There wasn’t a ton to report this week, so this podcast is (thankfully) a bit shorter. At the request of some commenters, I’ve also made an attempt to swear a little less. Easy enough since I didn’t have to talk about guns that frustrated me.

In an effort to stimulate a bit more conversation on the Podcast, I filmed an Instagram Live session and answered questions that viewers asked in the comments section. It stimulated a lot of conversation, and led to a series of fun questions. Since I refer to a lot of online resources, I’m dropping links to those topics below.

Mossberg Shockwave

Petition to repeal the NFA

ATF Whitepaper leak

Kestrel Weather Vane Mount





  1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    I appreciate the improved vocabulary.

  2. avatar Sunshine_Shooter says:

    I’m trying to add this to Podcast Republic (so I can listen on the go). Do you have a URL I can feed into the app?

  3. avatar click me says:

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  4. avatar ACP_arms says:

    Tyler, Do you think it would possible for TTAG to do a review on the Mossberg 590 Shockwave?

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