CMC Triggers GLOCK Trigger: SHOT Show 2017

CMC Triggers has been selling very nice, drop-in AR-15 triggers for many years. Just last year they branched out into AK-47 triggers and, in what was certainly a surprise to me, this year at SHOT Show they were showing off a replacement GLOCK trigger. It still sports the unique CMC flat trigger face with hooked bottom.

As you can see in the video of its reset and break, it’s very obviously crisper than a factory GLOCK trigger but hasn’t quite removed all remnants of the sponginess and creep. It’s smoother, too, and it looks and feels good.


  1. avatar Rabbi says:

    I have just one question, is the length of pull (trigger face to backstrap measurement) shorter than factory?

  2. avatar Doktor says:

    Good grief. Soggy bread is crisper than a Glock trigger. Which means I’ll be getting some for my Glocks just like I did for my ARs. Once you go flat you’ll never go back.

  3. avatar Robert says:

    “Glocks are the best. Hold on while I need to upgrade every part.”

  4. avatar Jay says:

    the CMC Glock trigger is meh. My pyramid from Glockstore has less uptake and cleaner break. cmc is for the birds. As I write, I’m putting up and ebay listing to get rid of the cmc.

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