CADEX Defence Falcon Bipod – 2017 SHOT Show

The bipod is an oft overlooked piece of rifle equipment. Given that a good bipod can mean the difference between a hit or a miss, it pays to pay attention to the two sticks at the front of the rifle. With the rise of competitive “tactical” rifle shooting, the traditional Harris bipod has given way to a series of more complex and configurable bipods. Seen here is the Falcon from CADEX Defence.

One of the hallmarks of the practical/tactical bipod is the ability to swing the legs either forward or backwards and lock in place. The Falcon accomplishes this with ease as each leg can be independently moved to the 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degree positions with the flip of a large locking lever at the top of the leg.

Additionally, the Falcon can be titled +/- 15.5 degrees. Instead of a pivoting ball head like an Atlas or Harris, the Falcon rides in a grooved channel. The rifle has to “rise” up the channel to be canted one way or the other so it naturally settles into the centered position. I’d have to use one to make a determination on whether I like it, but it felt confidence inspiring on flat ground. Once the proper cant is found, the Falcon can easily be locked with a large lever. 

The legs are adjustable for height and lock in place solidly with a set of ratchets that can be swapped to either side as the user prefers. Engagement is easy and can be done with thick or bulky gloves. Not surprising given that Canadians invented this contraption, and my Texas public school education tells me that it’s always snowing in America’s hat. 

You may have noticed the medieval looking feet, called “claws” by CADEX. They’re one of two optional foot designs – the other being regular rubber feet. Shawn Bevins, the US Commercial Market Salesperson, told me that this bipod was specifically designed for hard recoiling 50 BMG bolt guns and is rated to withstand any recoil you throw at it. MSRP is an eye watering $485.


  1. avatar Tyharr1911 says:

    Absolutely love it. I want one for sure. I’ll give you $110 or i’m not interested at all.

  2. avatar strych9 says:

    Weight, material?

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      You want him to hold you hand too? Help you wipe?

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        If they’re going to get into the specifics of how far the thing tilts and the price you’d think they’d cover material and weight as well. You know, maybe the basic specs on the item or at least a link to them in the story? I shouldn’t have to be bothered looking it up since it’s not a product being brought up in the comment section, it’s effectively getting a bare bones review.

        But hey, fuck me for expecting a modicum of information an end user might actually care about in a new product story.

        1. avatar No one of consequence says:

          You make a good point.

          On the other hand, in my case one spec – the price – was enough to tell me I didn’t need to know any more. 🙂 Perhaps someday, but I’m not nearly a good enough shot yet.

      2. avatar CGinTX says:

        Jeezum crow, rough crowd. About 1-1/4 pounds of aluminum for those who want to know (which, yeah, included me, and I thought it a curious omission from the story).

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          It’s not a rough crowd.

          The guy is from Texas and so proud of it that he has to put it in his name along with his preferred caliber.

          When someone’s from Texas they might be a douchebag. When the first thing they tell you is that they’re from Texas then they’re definitely a douchebag. When they tell you that they’re from Texas and tell you their preferred caliber right off the bat they actually get to the point that the douchebag scale can no longer accurately reflect the level of douchebaggery you’re being subjected to.

          So, when you see a name like “Tex300BLK” you can be 100% assured they’re a douchebag. The only question is if they’re 90lbs soaking wet or 400lbs. Either way, you know they’re a douchebag, don’t have the balls to bust a grape in a fruit fight and, while guaranteed to possess a micropenis have an ego as large as their gay ass hat plus an affinity for jangley metal objects like spurs or things they can insert into their rectum while blathering on about how Texas shouldn’t be messed with because the weather is so awesome and you can now OC with a permit.

        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          my father named me tex, and i drive a leased, blacked out chrysler 300.

  3. avatar Mike Betts says:

    At a $485 price point, I think I’ll go with the “two sticks at the front of the rifle”.

  4. avatar Topher in Texas says:

    $485? You can kiss my ass…

    I’ll stick to Atlas at less than half.

    1. avatar -Peter says:

      If you find an Atlas blood for less than $250, it’s probably used or a fake/knock-off.

  5. avatar Libertarian says:

    For that price i want gold not plastic ^

  6. avatar Capybara says:

    I’m sorry, if you buy a $500.00 bipod, you are either:

    A. Stupid and gullible
    B. Rich and gullible
    C. Rich, Stupid and gullible
    D. So rich that you use five hundred dollar bills for toilet paper.

    Atlas is already overpriced for what it is, which is crazy at $330.00. This thing is for suckers.

    1. avatar -Peter says:

      Some people like to drive a Mercedes, even if it doesn’t necessarily get you from A to B any more reliably then a Toyota.

      Sometimes, two things can be near equal in functionality, yet different in quality. Value for the money is in the eye of the purchaser.

      1. avatar PDW says:

        You are 100% correct. You only live once and if someone wants to spend money in a way that most would consider to be foolish, then more power to them. It’s their prerogative.

        As for me GG&G makes a bipod ( designed by Bobro Engineering ) that they call the XDS swivel bipod that sells for around $200.00. That’s my limit.

  7. avatar -Peter says:

    Knights Armament is making an outstanding bipod now. If you’re looking for a top tier bipod, you should strongly consider it.

  8. avatar PDW says:

    strych9 your reply to CGinTexas was comedy gold ( intentional or not ) and I’m speaking as a native-born Texan.

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