SIG P320 X-Series Pistols and SRD22X Rimfire Suppressor – SHOT Show Range Day

New in the SIG SAUER lineup is the X-Series of P320 pistols. Although the parts are backwards-compatible with existing P320s, the X-Series is seriously tricked out.

Crisp, flat triggers, optics-ready slides, extended beavertails, flared magazine wells, internal grip weights, and more. The P320 X-Five is competition-ready out of the box, shipping with four, 21-round magazines and is compliant with various competition class restrictions.

Over to the suppressors side of the house…

SIG’s SRD22X is a very quiet, 5 oz can for use on any rimfire caliber. It has a titanium tube and 17-4 stainless, shielded baffles. To be completely frank, the Q El Camino has a lot in common with it, which is more than coincidence.


  1. avatar -Peter says:

    I remain skeptical of SSIG’s apparent quest to become all things to all people across all product categories. That being said, that two-tone X-Five with the flat trigger is pretty sexy.

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Not sure what use an extended beavertail has on a hammerless gun, but everything else looks good.

    1. avatar DaveR says:

      “Not sure what use an extended beavertail has on a hammerless gun”

      On a striker fired gun such as as Glock, many people add after market, extended beaver tail to prevent slide bite (for those with chubby hands). But that not an issue here

      Beyond that and maybe more importantly, it can foster a solid and repeatable high grip placement. It can also apply a small amount of leverage to control of muzzle flip.

  3. avatar Ed says:

    Nice to see Sig is done beta testing the p320 on their customers and are finally coming out with the real p320. You’d think a company with that type of resources would just work on a design just a bit longer and forego the customer funded beta tests. Lots of people fall for it once…but to continually make the people who buy your products first wonder if they should wait another year doesn’t seem like a good marketing strategy.

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      As a current p320 owner I can tell you there’s nothing beta test about it. This new crap is competition only stuff, not designed for an edc gun. The current gun is 100% flawless. Aside from its top heavy design that all sigs share I can’t find a single fault with it.

      1. avatar Ed says:

        I still think that the early MPX buyers got hosed and I bought an early P938 that was a p.o.s. from out of the box. Sigs customer service was ok, but the pistol was a jam-o-matic and the trigger was stupid heavy. CZ, Walther and H&K can just keep taking my money I guess.

    2. avatar PPGMD says:

      The P320X5 is a competition specific design based on the input of competition shooters. In fact it is very similar to certain prototypes that were bouncing around behind the scenes last year.

      It doesn’t replace the normal 320.

      1. Daily driver vs scca…

    3. avatar Bob386 says:

      I am uncertain where you are coming from, but I have 3 stock Sig Sauer P-320’s and a 938. I have shot at least 15,000 rounds through one of these P-320’s with nearly flawless operation with factory ammunition. (I had to replace a warn out striker spring at or around the 10,000 round mark, which is why I said “nearly flawless”.) I probably have about 1000 rounds on the 938, and I do not recall a single jam not related to ammunition. (I reload and had a few bad primers.) I have a number of different other pistols (HK’s, 1911’s, Ruger LC9, Springfield XD’s, Sig Sauer P229, etc.), and my P-320’s are the most reliable. I am one of the first people to buy a Sig Sauer P320 subcompact, and that has been my carry gun since I bought it. I have never had a jam with factory carry ammunition. Again, I do not know what experience you have had, but all of my Sig Sauer’s have performed better than any pistol that has visited my rather big gun safe.

  4. avatar Rokurota says:

    Zigana making Springfields! SIG making CZs! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together!

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