New From JP Rifles: the GMR-15, 9mm AR Carbine

JP Enterprises has updated their GMR-13 with some welcome new features. So many updates, in fact, that they’re now calling it the GMR-15. They’ll be available for purchase as highly customizable complete carbines or as separate upper and lower kits. JP’s press release follows…

JP Enterprises Announces the GMR-15

Hugo, MN – JP Enterprises announces the release of the GMR-15, an updated version of their industry-leading 9mm carbine the GMR-13. It’s loaded with innovative features that elevate the pistol caliber carbine platform.

First, they started with a ground-up revision of the lower receiver. It features last-round lockback and a streamlined look.  An upgraded mag release offers better leverage and an improved feel.  JP also flared the magwell more than on the GMR-13 for easier reloads.

They also designed a new, dedicated 9mm upper receiver with dual-charge handles that’s much lighter and sleeker than the PSC-11 which was used on the dual-charge version of the GMR-13.  This upper comes with a choice of brass deflectors, including a larger-profile version for left-handed shooters.

Customers can buy complete GMR-15 rifles that are fully customizable in JP’s online Rifle Builder. Complete rifles offer the choice of three uppers, the dedicated 9mm upper, the JP-15 forged upper or the CTR-02 top-charge billet upper. For speedier delivery, JP Enterprises will offer two GMR-15 Ready Rifles: a 14.5″ pin-and-weld and an SBR.

JP hasn’t forgotten the home builder either. Upper and lower receiver kits that include all the proprietary components will be available for purchase.

“We have an impeccable track record for 9mm PCC function,” stated JP Enterprises founder John Paul. “Reliability is paramount for all firearms, especially those used for military, law enforcement, self-defense, or competition. The GMR-15 will continue our reputation as “the ones that work” in the PCC market.”

JP Enterprises encourages SHOT Show attendees to stop by booth #8103 and lay their hands on the GMR-15.


  1. avatar Specialist38 says:

    How much does it weigh? I dont see that on their website.

    And how much does it cost?

    Im interested but i dont know how much.

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Shit! Never mind…..1500 is too much for me.

      1. avatar Corey says:

        1500 actually isnt that bad when you build a 9mm carbine. Parts for even a decent one built at home will run you that much. I think I have a bit more than that into mine including optic.

  2. avatar Soylent Green says:

    I have one of the -13’s and it’s awesome. 14.5″ pinned. Runs like a top on 124gr montana gold and like 5gr of power pistol. No regrets.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Gotta admit, JP makes some cool and innovative stuff, but their prices are a bit on the high side.

  4. avatar Cole says:

    I have sort of been wanting one but not quite sure if I want to spend that much right now. Hopefully they have some extra 13’s that they sell for a couple hundred off, I might jump on that.

  5. avatar Scott C. says:

    I’ll get more interested when/if they make one in 45 ACP so I don’t have to stock up on another caliber.

  6. avatar A.L says:

    Looks pretty cool but I’m not eager to part with $1500 without at least taking a look in person. Are these ever going to show up in stores?

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