TTAG Email Sign-Up Contest Winner Announced!

Those of you who are regular readers probably noticed a pop-up every once in a while asking you to sign up for our email list. TTAG uses a super sophisticated system that figures out what articles interest each of our readers the most and presents them with a customized content. It’s a nifty way to get all the news you care about most.

Anyway, as an inducement, we offered the chance to win a brand new FNS-9 handgun just for signing up. We randomly selected one such reader recently and sent him an email to let him know. He ignored us because he figured the email was spam. But after confirming that yes, he really had won a free gun, we got him his FNS-9 handgun just in time for Christmas. Congratulations to “Under the bridge” (above) for being that lucky winner!

But wait — there’s more! You still have a chance to win a free gun by signing up for the email list. We are giving away another firearm, this time a Henry American Beauty .22LR rifle, to one lucky subscriber!

If you’re already subscribed then you’re already entered to win. All new subscribers will be given an equal chance. You must be actively subscribed to the email list in order to be eligible for the prize, and you must be legally capable of owning the firearm in question to be selected as the winner. Enter your email address below to start getting personalized recommendations just for you, and maybe win a free gun!

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  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    A hearty congratulations to “Under the Bridge”.

  2. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    Nice job!

  3. avatar former water walker says:

    Hey congrats…honestly that’s the only reason I signed up. I’m here day and night?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Same here. I don’t need an email list to prompt me to visit, because I’d have a hard time *not* reading TTAG…but I really wanted that gun.

      Congrats to the lucky winner.

  4. avatar strych9 says:


  5. avatar CCDWGuy says:

    Good for you “Under the Bridge”, enjoy your new present.

  6. avatar Rick Hess says:

    Well done Under, and Merry Christmas to you. What a great gift. Heck, I would have wrapped it up and put it under the tree so I could have had the pleasure of opening it on Christmas morning.

  7. avatar Roymond says:

    I didn’t care if I won the FNS-9, but I’d love that American Beauty!

  8. avatar RCC says:

    Can you please send it to Australia for me?

    Otherwise I suppose someone could mind it for me between visits to the USA

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