SIG SAUER: VTAC M400 and 716 G2 Rifles Shipping Soon

There isn’t a whole lot new in the world of SIG SAUER rifles. There are some new variations of existing optics coming out, but in terms of actual rifles the only movement is on shipping dates.

The second generation version of their 716 DMR, which shaves two pounds of weight and offers a redesigned gas system, was introduced early last year and has yet to ship. Out on the range, we can report that the trigger is great, recoil is light and manageable, and the gun seems to be dead-nuts accurate. According to the SIG SAUER reps the rifle actually will ship sometime this year.

Also on the “we swear it’s shipping soon” list is the VTAC M400. Spec’ed out by Kyle Lamb, this M400 features all the shiny improvements you’d want on your super slick AR-15 as well as the cool guy VTAC branding. The rifle should be shipping out sometime in the near future.


  1. avatar pwrserge says:

    Still waiting on that 4.5″ MPX “pistol”…

  2. avatar Keith Mercer says:

    Kyle Lamb not Karl….

  3. avatar John P. says:

    Until they ship, they’re just vaporware.

  4. avatar Kevin says:

    18 months and they are still not shipping MCX barrels for their multi caliber rifle. It’s so nice having a form 1 approved for the last 9 months and not be able to get two short barrels one in 5.56 at 12 ” and one in .300 blk at 8.5 “. After all that’s how they market their MXC as a multi caliber rifle. I’m done with Sig and that’s hard for me to say since I have been buying Sigs since 1988,first they dropped all support of the 556 and now they have no intention of releasing barrels until at least September 2017.

  5. avatar jimmy james says:

    “they dropped all support of the 556” ? First I heard of this. Do tell.

  6. avatar Archangel187 says:

    So now we’re all waiting for VTAC to kick in, yo?

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