HS Precision Debuts Extremely Slim Muzzle Brake – SHOT Show Range Day

Pinned and welded muzzle brakes are an interesting way around the NFA barrel length restrictions. So long as the overall length of your barrel exceeds 16 inches you’re good to go, so a 14.5 inch barrel with a lengthy muzzle brake does the trick nicely. The problem is when you want to swap out some parts on your existing pinned and welded setup, depending on what you want to change that might require a trip to the machine shop. HS Precision has a new muzzle brake designed to make that process a little less painful.


Their newest product is just every so slightly thinner than the inside diameter of a standard AR-15 gas block. That’s cool because it means you can remove your gas block and replace it with something else (a standard front sight block for a low profile block, for example) from the comfort of your own garage with only a punch and a hammer. The muzzle brake stays in place the whole time.

While the brake may be small in size, it definitely isn’t small in terms of impact. Using it on a lightweight AR-15 rifle there was practically zero recoil even with quick successive shots. In short, it seems to work.

MSRP on the muzzle brake is $59, and they already have one en route to Jeremy for testing.


  1. avatar More Dead Soldiers says:

    “HS Precision”

    Don’t think so brah.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      So educate me. Why not? It’s not like something could go wrong with a chunk of metal, right?

      1. avatar More Dead Soldiers says:

        Nothing to do with quality, just the kind of people they are: http://www.gunnuts.net/2008/11/26/boycot-hs-precision/

        1. avatar Vanbulance says:

          You seem to have logged into the wrong account this time, but that’s none of my business 😉
          On topic, the apology (apparently a spineless one that wasn’t actually, but they’ve taken it off their website) and some coverage is here.

    2. avatar HSR47 says:


      I will never purchase anything with their name on it.

  2. avatar NorincoJay says:

    Ar15performance has a flash suppressor that is about .740 and a low profile gas block slides right over it. I don’t remember the cost but I think around $35-40. I used one on a 14.5 Faxon and with a crush washer it is just over 16″. Measured with a cleaning rode down the muzzle resting on the bolt face. The flash is as long as an extended A2.

  3. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    Or just, you know pony up and register an SBR, or buy a 16″ barrel if you cant be bothered.

    File pinned muzzle devices and pistol braces under “M” badges on a 318i. Everyone knows you are posing.

    1. avatar Dan in CO says:

      “Never forget, never shoulder”

    2. avatar M1Lou says:

      Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of an SBR, especially those of us that move every two years or so. Plus in some states I can’t have a loaded rifle in the vehicle, but I can have a loaded pistol.

  4. Nick-

    Love you man. That’s Faxon’s device.

    -Nathan @ Faxon

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:


  5. avatar Soylent Green says:

    JP has a split clamp adjustable gas block so you can use a comp that has an OD less than the barrel nut ID. Planning on using one for a pin and weld 3 shortish gun build. I like sbr’s but the pin and weld makes the rifle convienent to take across state lines.

  6. avatar Mark N. says:

    I don’t have to worry about length, since I have an 18″ barrel, but I do need a new muzzle device. When I convert to “featureless” I will need to dump the A2 flash hider and replace it with a muzzle brake. But what I know about them would fit on a postage stamp.

  7. avatar James says:

    Why the f*ck would you report on HS Precision products?

  8. avatar Steve Ramsey says:

    “HS” Stands for ‘Horiuchi Sympathizers” I wont do business with them. Stopped Buying Remington until they dumped HS. Now I won’t buy Savage until they do as well.

    You know, because defending a guy that shot a mother with her baby in her arms.

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