Swab-Its Star Chamber Foam Cleaning Swabs – SHOT Show Range Day

Struggling with cleaning those pesky nooks and crannies in your AR chamber? Struggle no more. Swab-its will soon be out with their new Star Chamber brush tips. They’re just the thing for cleaning all those hard-to-reach spots in your scary black rifle’s most challenging spots.

They won’t hit the market until about March. A pack of three washable and re-usabel AR/M4 swabs will retail for roughly $14.99.


  1. avatar IN Dave says:

    I am a fan of swab-its. I will give them a shot.

  2. Not a bad idea. 3 would work great. 1 pre brush and wipe, 2 soak in CLP and swab, 3 swab clp out. Actually it is a great idea, I can’t wait to get a pack. 🙂

  3. avatar ColdNorth says:

    Looks handy, and well worth trying out.

  4. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Time out, these are chamber only, right? What caliber range would this cover? As in, do I need a different set for my .308? Sounds GREAT, I have a chamber brush but this sounds so much nicer.

  5. avatar Fred Felch says:

    Will you ever make a chamber brush for .308 (7.62×51) ?

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