The Trace Gets Out the Begging Bowl


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the Daddy Warbucks behind the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. In 2017, the anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy pledged $50 million to promote gun control. Without Bloomie’s multiple millions paying for professional organizers, it’s doubtful that Washington and Nevada’s “universal background check” bills would have ever seen the light of day. Bloomberg cash also supports The Trace, a pseudo-journalistic enterprise dedicated to cloaking anti-gun agitprop in mainstream media respectability. In their most recent email blast, they declare . . .

America’s Gun Violence Crisis Isn’t Letting Up. Neither Are Our ReportersA self-congratulatory pat on the back? Well, yes. But wait! There’s more! Or, if you’re the mainstream media, less! Less money.

Now more than ever, it’s vital that the toll of everyday gun violence receives the in-depth coverage that traditional media organizations can’t afford. When the powers ushering in new norms include businesses and advocates with an agenda of normalizing guns in ever more public spaces, it’s crucial to have reporters digging into gun companies’ marketing tactics and dragging the gun lobby’s machinations into the sunlight. Amid inaction by lawmakers, there’s big value in assessing grassroots solutions and holding local leaders accountable for their performance in reducing shootings.

So The Trace is spending Bloomberg’s pocket change creating and disseminating the anti-gun spin the mainstream media can’t afford? I’m not entirely sure about Executive Editor James Burnett’s cash-strapped MSM hypothesis, but OK. And for the sake of brevity we’ll ignore the irony of billionaire Bloomberg’s brainchild talking about “grassroots solutions.”

Can I return to my regularly scheduled anti-gun animus now? Apparently not.

The Trace is here to help make sure that people have the facts on American gun violence — but as an independent, nonprofit newsroom, we need your support. On this Giving Tuesday, please consider funding our reporting with a tax-deductible donation.

Wait. What? Has Michael Bloomberg — he of the moribund Mayors Against Illegal Guns, not to mention the $42 billion net worth — abandoned another gun control baby? Or is The Trace just looking for some cream on top of Mike’s milk of human kindness?

We shall see. Meanwhile, The Trace’s begging bowl reminds me of Donald Trump’s forgotten pledge to self-fund his presidential campaign. One can only hope that The Trace’s benefactor’s anti-gun ADD will leave his propaganda machine where it would have been without his financial support. Nowhere.


  1. avatar MLee says:

    Yeah well, he’ll be 75 years old this coming February. Let’s all wish him well.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Do you always have to plant some anti-Trump snark in an article that has nothing to do with Trump? It’s like you have Trump Tourettes or something.

    1. avatar James says:

      Lighten up Francis.

      1. avatar Mike Reno says:

        Original burn, James

  3. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Honestly, I can’t believe supporting The Trace costs all that much. If Bloomberg decides to spend his money on gold shoelaces or whatever, I’m sure a Soros or a Pelosi or a Clinton Foundation donating Saudi king would be happy to foot the bill.

    After all, if nothing else, their mailing list would be useful for the next leftist false flag cause.

    1. avatar Kendahl says:

      I’ve read that donations to the Clinton Foundation have dried up now that she isn’t going to be President.

  4. avatar C.S. says:

    If I could pay The Trace just $0.01 via credit card, I would.

  5. avatar Skinnedknuckles says:

    If donations are tax deductible, then they were able to get past the IRS minefield. Could they possibly be a 501(c)3? Given how they push their message, are they susceptible to a charge of violating the IRS regulations?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Leftist orgs doing illegal things = no IRS violation.

      Right wing orgs applying for tax exemption = IRS violation.

      Get it?

      1. avatar HP says:

        For now….wait a few months and let’s reexamine this.

  6. avatar bLoving says:

    No pizza money for them.

  7. avatar CTstooge says:

    “Mike’s Milk?” Yeesh.

  8. avatar Matt says:

    He,Bloomberg, tried his shenanigans here in Maine but fortunately it was voted down.

  9. avatar No one of consequence says:

    May God keep Mr. Bloomberg safe and well … away from me. Or at least the ballot box.

  10. avatar FedUp says:

    Since when are political contributions “tax-deductible”???

  11. avatar pete says:

    Makes sense, that propaganda shop is useless as teats on a bull now. The window of what the public perceives as normal, and what is legislatively possible has shifted to where their ostensibly balanced message is a fart in the wind. Let it out to fend for itself like an unwanted, un-cared-for pet.

  12. avatar Ropingdown says:

    Bloomberg is many things, but certainly “stupid” isn’t one of them. His minions pushing absurd little measures to handcuff the second amendment won’t be worth the ballots they aren’t printed on in another two years.

    First the presidential election, then Castro: What’s next? I win the lottery?

  13. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    I think they’re doing this to portray themselves as some sort of grass roots organization battling valiantly against the ‘evil gun lobby’.

    If it becomes well known amongst those that have sympathy for their cause that mighty billionaire Bloomberg is the driving force behind them, they will lose support from those folks.

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