Gear Review: Meprolight FT Bullseye Sight

Meprolight recently released its new FT Bullseye day and night sight. Notice I said “sight” not “sights.” Meprolight’s system eliminates the front sight, relying on a single unit with a fiber optic channel with a circle and dot alignment. The claim: the FT Bullseye performs better than traditional front and rear sights, offering the advantages of the increasingly common […]

Gun Review: Baby Desert Eagle III Polymer Frame

  After a few years of unavailability in the U.S., Kahr Arms purchased Magnum Research and began reimporting the Baby Desert Eagle in 2011. This year, they’re extending the line with a downsized polymer gun that evokes the iconic big boy pistol famously chambered in . 50AE. With the new Baby Desert Eagle III, they’ve managed […]