Three Stocking Stuffers for Your Range Bag


Have friends and loved ones been asking you what you want for Christmas? Were you truly a good boy or girl this year? Do you know a gun guy or gal and want to give them something they won’t open and toss over their shoulder on Christmas morning like another pair of socks from Aunt Francine?

Never fear, TTAG’s gift advisors are here with ideas only a Grinch would turn his or her nose up at. The best part: you won’t need to spend a fortune. Here are three stocking-stuffer-sized items in three price ranges that any shooter will appreciate. They’re all perfect for slipping into a range bag and are sure to be appreciated by anyone who enjoys ringing steel or busting clays.

1) First up…every shooter should have a good multitool. It’s an absolute must when you’re headed out to the range or into the field.


Leatherman offers a huge range of great tools, but their new Signal has everything a shooter could need in the field and a lot more. Shooters will most appreciate the bit driver, pliers, 420HC combo-blade knife, and hammer.

img_3273 img_3274

But since you never know what you’ll encounter out in the field, the Signal also sports:

Wire cutter and stripper
Saw blade
Awl with thread loop
Can opener
Bottle opener
Hex bit driver
1/4-inch box wrench
Ferrocerium rod
Diamond-coated sharpener
Safety whistle
Carabiner clip

It’s hard to find more useful tools packed into such a sturdy, portable package. The Signal does it all in style. Price: $99

2) Second, you need to have a way to keep your firearms clean when you’re away from base.


Otis makes some of the best cleaning products on the market. And their Tactical Cleaning System kit gives you everything you need to swab out any gun from a .22 pistol to a 10 gauge scattergun in one uber-convenient, compact pouch.


The Tactical Cleaning system has:

– 8″, 30″ and 34″ Memory-Flex cables
– Six firearm-specific bronze bore brushes
– Lightweight soft pack case with belt loop for convenient carrying
– T-handle and obstruction removal tools for jammed cases and other blockages
– Tube of Otis CLP and bore patches
– Size: 4″ x 4″ x 2 1/2″

This is about the handiest single item you’ll toss in your bag or backpack when you’re heading out. Price: $45

3) If you shoot smoothbores — whether it’s doves, ducks or arcing battues — you’ll need a good choke wrench.


Sure, you can probably get by with a quarter or one of those stamped metal things that came with your shotty…or you could use something infinitely more flexible and useful — a Real Avid Fini Universal Choke Tube Wrench.

These simple, elegant, knife-like gizmos handle all bore sizes from .410 to 10 gauge, then fold up neatly as you please to slip into a pocket or range bag. You can even use the end of the blade to adjust your scope’s windage and elevation. Price: $9

So there you have it. Three great gift ideas for the shooter in your life. Remember, tis better to give than to receive. Then again, there’s no law against buying one (or all three) for yourself.





  1. avatar bLoving says:

    Any quantity of .22LR. Should be less than $10 and fits in a stocking too.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Drat. I could really use another pair of socks from Aunt Francine.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      You get nothing this year because Auntie Francine caught you peeking through her bedroom door’s keyhole while she was…

      Indisposed. *cough* 🙂

      1. avatar bLoving says:

        That was uncalled-for, you young pup! And Ralphs aunt is a babe.

  3. avatar DrewN says:

    I wish Leatherman would develop a modular chassis and let you choose your tools. With the ability to set it up for lefties. I’m the maintenance guy at work and i have a drawerful of multitools that just aren’t worth carrying.

  4. avatar Jimmy Chimichanga says:

    Really, a Leatherman product? I thought everyone knew they are Democratic party contributors & supporters of anti 2A groups at this point.

  5. avatar jimmy james says:

    I’ve had leatherman since there was leatherman’s and its definitely nice to have when you are in a pinch but when you really need a set of tools, it’s a poor substitute. And those Otis and other too expensive compact cleaning kits fall in about the same category as a leatherman, nice to have in a pinch but otherwise almost worthless. The CLP type chemical that comes with those kits always either leaks out or evaporates. No way in hell even I would use one of those kits or a “bore snake” on one of my custom rifles. Rack grade AR, maybe.

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