Question of the Day – What Did You Get for Christmas?

We hear Santa was awfully busy last night, putting plenty of ballistic goodies under trees for all the really good boys and girls. The little elves at the FBI have been working their busy little fingers to the nubs doing background checks ever since Black Friday. If you’ve got a particularly big grin on your face today, what did you get?


  1. avatar Charlie Dwyer says:

    CZ 75 D PCR in 9mm. TruGlo TFX PRO sights on the way. Happy Dance.

    1. avatar M1Lou says:

      Nice! I’m a CZ junkie myself. I replaced springs in my 1995 manufactured CZ 75 (non B) last night. It’s like a new gun now. I can’t wait to shoot it this week.

  2. avatar Frank says:

    I didn’t receive a gun but I did get a card good for 10 hours at the range plus another for $50 of ammo.

    1. avatar Chad says:

      I got the awesomeness of awesome. Wife got me a cmr-30 for Christmas. For $529??

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    5″ Smith & Wesson 1911 E-Series pistol, 500 rounds of .45ACP, and a gorgeous black leather DeSantis Speed Scabbard. All were gifts from me to me, because if you can’t be good to yourself, you’re no good to anyone.

    I put all of the above to work at the range the day I got ’em.

    1. avatar skoon says:

      G40 mos from me to me. Dad got me a vortex venom for it. Now if santa would bring me a hog to test it out on or a box of buffalo bore id be all set.

  4. avatar Steve W says:

    Wife got me a Franchi 12ga with her own butter and egg money. What a great gal!

  5. avatar rt66paul says:

    I didn’t get coal this year…..

  6. avatar matty 9 says:

    exactly what I asked for, Weaver K6 to replace the BS simmons that came with my 700. Maybe this thing really will shoot, I’ll find out tomorrow.

  7. avatar Jacob from Upstate NY says:

    I got a Smith and Wesson Victory 22 and a big pile of 22lr of different flavor for Chanukah! Won’t be able to go to the range for a while though, 🙁

  8. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    I got my present a little early, my Mask HD tax stamp. 🙂

  9. avatar Chuck says:

    Vintage Ruger .44 carbine with ScopeChief IV.

    1. avatar matty 9 says:

      Always wanted one of those

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      It’s one of my favorite rifles!

    3. avatar Blakeg says:

      My first rifle was a Ruger .44 carbine from 1976. Still at my Dad’s place, I believe. Can’t remember what it last had for an optic though!

  10. avatar michael says:

    Pair of slippers

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      Ditto. It was a tough year.

    2. avatar Vanbulance says:

      On sale toy video drone. Cool but cheap. Buying a house in 2 months, then we will have a belated Christmas for the adults. Kids were taken care of.

    3. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

      One doesn’t have to get firearms every holiday to be happy. Friends and family, gents, friends and family.

  11. avatar mk10108 says:

    12 foot Pole for surf fishing.

    1. avatar Mister Slave says:

      I got a 12 inches “pole” for…well whatever.

  12. avatar unknown says:

    Lucky enough to find another Ruger LCP Custom, now have two.

  13. avatar bobo says:

    A real nice AR15 from bear creek

    thanks Governor moonbeam (if its) Brown ( flush it down!)

    you signed a bill, that sold more AR’s in the shortest time—-then Fing EVER!
    my local gun deal loves you!

  14. avatar Heartbreaker says:

    I got myself a Wilkinson Arms Linda carbine 🙂

  15. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    But my birthday is next week so thats the gift day for me.

    1. I’m a New Years Eve baby.
      Happy Birthday!

  16. avatar jwm says:

    Side scan sonar. So I can find all those sunken boats full of guns.

    One mans disaster is another’s profit.

  17. avatar Artie says:

    A Streamlight TLR-2 HL-G light laser for my home defense carbine. 800 lumens and a green laser, it”s awesome!
    Merry Christmas!

  18. avatar Dave Lewis says:

    An old school Seiko analog watch and a black basket weave ranger belt, black leather holster and black leather cuff case for my old school Charter Arms .44 special Bulldog. I’ve got an Indiana Jones fedora to complete the package. You’ve got to have fun.

  19. avatar former water walker says:

    Got a shotgun and ammo on Black Friday…does that count? Lots of plans for goodies next year…

  20. avatar LarryinTX says:

    A can of LC Federal M193 in stripper clips, and a chronograph. I seem go have a bunch of nonstandard length barrels, ’bout time I had a way of discovering velocities. Of course, I may sell it in a year, once I’ve gotten my answers!

  21. avatar Randbo says:

    I got a Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25×4 scope with red dot recticle, the Mrs. got a Sig P938 and I got back a beautiful Series 70 custom Commander that Tim Thompson of Bills Custom Automatics built for me over 20 years ago. Darn good Christmas.

  22. avatar Uncle Goostav says:

    A separation notice from the wife

    1. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      Probably the best Christmas gift ever. Make sure you make her suffer.

    2. avatar Lew says:

      Could be the gift that keeps on giving….that is to her in monthly installments.

  23. avatar Cadeyrn says:

    Thanks to TTAG and some other Second Amendment friends who pointed out great Black Friday sales, I got a nice set of stuff to fill my friends’ tactical Christmas stockings from last year. Each got a brand-new SOG Scout knife with leather sheath, a chunk of their most-used ammo and a shot glass made from a genuine, once-fired, 30mm shell fired from an A-10 Warthog and engraved with a profile of the A-10.

    I got the same thing I’ve gotten for 20 years or more: ice-cold beer in a double-wall stainless steel mug, good company and home-cooked food. This year it was a roast, very nice.

    Now I’m off to watch my favorite Christmas movie: Die Hard. God bless and keep you all.

    1. avatar Heartbreaker says:

      Just finished watching it myself 😀

  24. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

    I got a Benelli M4 😀

    1. avatar Steven says:

      My man!

    2. avatar That's right (you're not from Texas)... says:

      Great score on the M4! Mines never had a hiccup in the 6 yrs. I’ve had it.
      Scored a S&W 686-6, seven shot stainless, 3″ barrel w/ a set of VZ grips. Sweet shooter. Will be removing the I.L.

  25. avatar Hal J. says:

    My father came home yesterday alive and well after being in the hospital with a life-threatening infection.

    Thanks, Santa….I got everything I wanted.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Very nice!

    2. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      God bless – “stuff” doesn’t count

    3. avatar Noah says:

      There’s not much I find online that truly makes me happy, if even for a moment… but your comment did it. God bless.

    4. avatar Ed Rogers says:


    5. avatar That's right (you're not from Texas)... says:

      Praise the Lord!

    6. avatar What About Bob says:

      That’s some great perspective. Glad for you both.

  26. avatar Ironhead says:

    Midwest industries 15 in mlok handguard for my ar build.
    FNX 45. And a streamlight tlr-1 to go with it.

    1. avatar Cloud says:

      Oh man i want an FNX. that Streamlight is a good light. I got the burnt bronze one a little while back. 800 lumens.

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      I gave my daughter an FNX 45 last Christmas. She loves it!

  27. avatar ninjaTED says:

    A fiancé!

    1. avatar LS/HD says:

      Keep the receipt…you’ve got 30 days if you change your mind.

      I kid. Congratulations.

      (But seriously, buy a couple more guns before the big day.)

    2. avatar SouthAl says:

      Remember, after upgrading from fiancé to wife it is not a simple do it yourself uninstall. Any uninstall will require a technician, an expensive one.

      Seriously, Congratulations!

    3. avatar jwm says:

      A man isn’t complete until he’s married. Then he’s finished.

    4. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      I bought an engagement ring in December of 1975. We were married in June of 76 – who has a Bicentennial marriage license? – and celebrated our 40th anniversary last June. Marge is a saintly woman because she puts up with my shite. That was the best Christmas present I could ever hope for and I wish you the best. God bless

      1. avatar Theeuroguy says:

        Very cool! Married May 21, 1976. Still my best friend after 40 years. She also shoots better than me. ? Oh well.

  28. avatar Steve Munro says:

    Ruger Precision Rifle and ALL the goodies! Taking it to the range today.

    1. avatar unknown says:

      You are one fortunate dude !

  29. avatar Retired 1SG says:

    Needed a new gun, talked to the wife about it, she said go get it and got a S&W SD9 VE. Feels great in the hand and shoots well. Does need an APEX trigger kit though. Talked myself out of the M&P 9 Shield ’cause of the single stack mags. 16 +1 and 16 more is way better. Also a DeSantis cloak tuck type IWB holster. 🙂

    1. avatar unknown says:

      I tried a SD9VE when I was shopping for a full size 9 & thought that it had just about the worst trigger ever. Got a Ruger 9E, trigger was fabulous right out of the box & gun is crazy accurate. Feels so superb, like it is like an extension of your hand.

  30. avatar Reef Blastbody says:

    Got myself an FN Herstal Mark 1 SLP yesterday. Ho Ho Ho!

  31. avatar Boba Fett says:

    Nothing gunnish, but my Mom did give me an original Lynn Boggess painting. Pretty stoked about that.

  32. avatar Ing says:

    A box of CCI .22 LR and a magazine pouch. Sometimes the little things are the right things.

  33. avatar GS650G says:

    Bigger TV and an air compressor. And a coat with a flannel shirt

  34. avatar -Peter says:

    Leupold laser range finder, Pelican rifle case, and a Primary Arms shooting mat.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  35. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Got a nice Ted Blocker Yaqui slide holster for my lightweight commander.
    And, a great cook book. “Buck, Buck, Moose” by Hank Shaw.

  36. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    A cold.
    We’re celebrating Xmas on New Years. It’s the only day we can get everyone together. It’s all about family and the actual day isn’t as important.

  37. avatar Cloud says:

    Nerf that fires foam balls 100fps. And a Surefire X400. 🙂

  38. avatar LS/HD says:

    The only things that were remotely gun related were a 5.11 pack and a dual fuel Streamlight. Oh, and 8 pounds of Ramshot Silhouette (but that was from Santa…how does he know?).

    Gave an AR and an Uplula.

  39. avatar Pwrserge says:

    The tax stamp on my 7.62×39 krink finally cleared. Paid for a year ago and the stamp took eight months. I finally get to play with my Christmas present from last year.

    1. avatar Chris Erickson says:

      Nice! I was hoping Santa would email me my stamp for the blackout SBR I’m building, but no dice. Looking 1-2 wewks, based on the info on NFA tracker…maybe Cpuid will send me something for Valentine’s day. Santa did, however, pay the Balance due on my GAP 10 g2 with Vortex gen ‘ll HD scope, so was a good year. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  40. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    A Henry AR-7 US survival rifle. My wife said I couldn’t open the box until Christmas morning!
    It sat under the tree for two weeks.

    1. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      Momma bought me one last year. Bass Pro threw in a 325 round box of 22s which were probably worth more than the gun at the time. A great little rifle and I always wanted one since I saw James Bond shoot down a helo in From Russia With Love. Mine likes CCI Stingers which are available again since the Wicked Witch has died.

      1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

        I’m taking it to the range tomorrow. I’ve got five different brands of 22 ammunition to try out.
        I love Christmas time!

      2. avatar Chris T from KY says:

        I finally got to the range. It shoots great and is very accurate. It is a great investment. I got it because it’s light weight and easy to conceal.

  41. avatar MattHaap says:

    A Berry’s vibratory tumbler from my father-in-law. Pretty excited to be able to tumble more than 20 pieces of brass at a time in the old, quite small rock tumbler I’ve been using.

  42. avatar Crowbar says:

    Beretta 96D with Pennsylvania State Police on the slide.

  43. avatar 2Asux sucks says:

    New gun belt and super tuck for Glock 19

    1. avatar Rick says:

      Love my supertuck. Got on for my Glock 19 and 1 for my Ruger LC9S Pro. Wear one or the other every day. Gave shotgun shell can sleeve and 100 rounds .22 LR for all who have .22’s.

  44. avatar Arc says:

    Gave: Tuppaware to my dog, he likes to carry his food to the garden (1/4th mile away) to eat and since hes raw fed, hes not eating on the floor! Also, cash, chocolate, cooking gear (for the ladies), bullets and fresh ground coffee to the men. Everyone was on a $20 budget so I had to maximize the value.

    Received: annual ornament, two sweaters, multiple deodorants (hint maybe?), bit of cash/PM from parents and grand parents, a pizza stone! a ceramic frying pan, and an anti-allergen pillow. I have government barracks to thank for allergies, looking at you Mackie Hall (Hawaii 3/3).

    Gave myself two neat little glazed colored stone ashtray/coinholder/plant pot/whatever, I found in Hallmark. Made in the USA and they were fairly inexpensive for Hallmark…

  45. avatar James VanTress says:

    Lyman rotary tumbler.

  46. avatar Bill B says:

    Another black powder revolver in .44 cal plus a spare cylinder. Opened the cylinder first, not knowing what it was. Then I was on a mission to find the right sized present that held the revolver.

    Total surprise gift from the wife.

    Birthday was few days before Christmas and got ammo and 5 hours of range time.

  47. avatar George Burdell says:

    My sister became a gun owner – got a glock 19. I have plenty (though never enough) so nothing new for me, but helping convert non gun owners is a Christmas gift of its own!

  48. avatar MojoRonin says:

    Momma got a Ruger LC9s to accessorize with her new permit to carry. I’m a doting kind of ol’ man

    1. avatar unknown says:

      Great carry gun with a great trigger & very accurate; it’s an easy shooter.

  49. avatar Andrew M. says:

    Burris AR-332 3x prizm scope with a rebate for a free fastfire 3. Hopefully it won’t take 6 months for it to get to my door step.

    1. avatar Kroglikepie says:

      Nice. The AR-332 is a solid piece of kit. Mine is awesome, and you can’t beat the price for the function/quality.

  50. avatar AznMike says:

    No gun, but got a sweet Zero Tolerance 0566BW knife. But who knows, might pick up some ammo if weather holds up to do my dad’s annual birthday winter shoot.

  51. avatar Mr. Woodcock says:

    3K rounds 5.56 62 gr green tip
    2K rounds 9mm
    1K rounds 45 ACP
    I’ll have to admit….those were all bought 2 days before the election….just in case that [email protected] won.

    $1500 of various bourbons….delicious!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  52. avatar Mark N. says:

    No ballistic goodies for me. But my daughter got 400 rounds of .45 fmj to feed her FNX and my son got an AR-10 stripped lower. All I got was the tee shirt! But I did buy myself a Pietta 1860 Colt Army clone and new imitation ivory grips for one of my 1873s (that I won’t see for three months). (I gave the grips a fresh coat of Tru-Oil to tide me over until then.)

  53. avatar Steve K says:

    My birthday is 2 days before Christmas and I receive money from my now deceased grandma from an annuity she set up for all in the family. I put a bit more with it and bought myself a Taurus g2 Millennium. I wanted a smaller gun to carry than my Springfield XD. Plus my wife will have something to shoot when we want to go together.

  54. avatar Kapeltam says:

    Niece got me some custom grips for my 1911. Grips are engraved with Psalm 82:4 on one panel and a Celtic Cross on the other.

  55. avatar Nanashi says:

    Ammo and .308 die with rebate for free ammo.

    Gave some magazines.

  56. avatar Travis Bickle says:

    A caliber exchange kit for my 9mm SIG P320 for 357 SIG.

  57. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Not gun related, but got an Apex Edge Pro knife kit. Super excited to start sharpening everything in my house.

  58. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Matching pair of His and Hers Beretta PX4 Storm full size 9mm pistols, plus Santa brought me a Taurus Judge in .410/.45LC.

  59. avatar Patrick says:

    Extended slide stop, tritium sights, and an Aliengear holster for my Glock 19. 100 rounds of 9mm. 500 FMJBT .308 projectiles. Graduate level textbook, “Ballistics: Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition”. Pretty good haul.

  60. avatar me says:

    Lets see, newborn daughter, my three year old daughter got 400 rounds of 22lr, i also got 400 rounds of 22lr, and i got a box of 500 62gr hornady 223 projectiles to meet my press in the very near future

    1. avatar WontDrainTheSwamp says:

      buying ammo for a 3 years old

      Murica F yeah!!!

      1. avatar unknown says:

        My neighbors two very young boys both know how to shoot & practice firearms safety better than a lot of adults. No, they do not shoot unsupervised. We all have small arsenals & neighborhood ranges; I have one of the ranges.

        1. avatar Fidelito says:

          My neighbors are double agents I think

  61. My wife got this Mossberg MVP Predator 5.56. But I got this bad ass T-shirt!

      1. After three shots to sight it in off a wobbly table, I put two shots through the same hole. Then my college boy showed us how to work the bolt with my 30 round AR mag hitting all 10s.

        1. avatar Fidelito says:

          Quit replying to your own comments, it is rude!

  62. avatar Malcolm says:

    I got a fantastic book

    The wit and wisdom of Barack Obama

  63. avatar Fidelito says:


    I love it, I have been using it when I reload my .45 and 9mm

  64. avatar The Doc says:

    I got nothing

    And it makes me wonder why is there something rather than nothing?

  65. avatar JDC says:

    I got a 629 6 inch, thank to my wife, but I actually got it early a few weeks ago.

  66. avatar CaribooLou says:

    CVA Optima v2 and a matching case thanks to my smokin hot wife.

  67. avatar Evan says:

    My favorite son in law bought our daughter a Browning 1911 style 22 pistol. She loved it. Her mother loved it and wants one ? So its now on the buy list ? Did i mention he is our Favorite son in law!

  68. avatar Defens says:

    A clean bill of health and clean CT scan from my oncologist. Oh, and a DPMS G2 Recon with Viper HST 4-16, and a Girsan/Zenith MC28 9mm

  69. avatar joe-in-nc says:

    IWI Tavor X95 in black

  70. avatar Scoutino says:

    $200 gift card to Amazon I just spent on shotgun reloading gear and $50 to Cabela’s that’s going to become primers and powder.

  71. avatar PROUD chicano says:

    Girlfriend got me a membership to a range and wife gave me a hefty gift card to my LGS. Life is good.

    1. avatar Theeuroguy says:


  72. avatar Cambo says:

    Yugo sks. To myself.

  73. avatar Fred Frendly says:

    I got a lump of coal. But at least it wont shoot me in the ass if I drop it, like a Taurus. And if I throw it at a home invader theres alot better chance I will hit them with the coal.

  74. avatar MouseGun says:

    A text saying “we should see other people”. And this morning I have a hangover. So I guess that’s two things.

  75. avatar Phillip Whitehead says:

    Finished the retrofit of upgrades on my 1945 Remington Rand 1911A1, (don’t gasp guys…the collector value was already shot, which was why this gun was chosen…), which is now a splendid combination of “Old School and Creature Comforts”, and will forever give me the pleasant reminders of the ” Rand” I carried on active duty, without the painful hammer bite…also has s classy “Battleworn” Cerakote finish…oooh, yeah…

  76. avatar JIm B says:

    Absolutely nothing as usual! Kind of normal when the people around you are completely selfish and it’s a great indicator of a lack of worth to loved ones! At 50, I don’t see a change ever happening!

  77. avatar Brian says:

    SR-556 Take down model and the 300 BLK barrel to go with it. I tried it out with my 5.56 YHM suppressor at my home range. Very sweet. I suppose I will have to get an additional one for the 300BLK, next year’s list….

  78. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    Big ol’ box of 9mm winchester, an AR rifle cleaning mat and .223 snapcaps.

  79. avatar Jarrett says:

    A Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad FDE.

  80. avatar That One Guy says:

    Wife got a Sig 238 Blackwood for her first gun, mother-in-law gave me a $50 gift card for my local range/bar, and I gave myself a 80%Arms lower&jig and a PSA 16″ stainless kit for my first AR.

    Not the most ballistic of Christmases, but a fun one nonetheless.

  81. avatar Keith says:

    I got a set of Leupold 10×50 BX-3 Mojave binoculars. I guess I’ll be gifting my buddy my old 7×35 Bausch and Lombs…

  82. avatar Ovidio G says:

    Mosin M44, 1944, Izzy Arsenal.
    Love it already!

  83. avatar Mort says:

    I got a KelTec SU-16B rifle… another one of George Kellgren’s genius designs that looks like a cheap Chinese toy. But it’s a packable, Cali-legal 5.56 rifle! Features include foldability, AR bolt and sight, AK long piston kindasorta, and the satisfaction of bringing an AR/AK mashup designed by the Tec-9 originator (which started all this “assault rifle” garbage…) into California. Loading it with M855 just because “ban it!” Fyall ha

    And, Santa brought me 2 plum mags and a black one… all triangle-arrow Izhmash surplus. So cool.

    Merry Christmas, God Jul

    New Years’s Wish… National Reciprocity. Just Nike it.

  84. avatar John Fritz, HMFIC says:

    I got the same thing I got last year; Jack.

    Shit, that is.

    Well, at least the company gave us all a little Christmas stipend. At the company Christmas luncheon.

    Wait, what? Oh. No they didn’t. Do either.

    Well, at least all the salary folks got to leave early on Friday and enjoy a beer and company together before heading home.

    Huh? Oh. That was some other company.

    Merry Christmas! I did watch Bad Santa again yesterday. Which was great.

    1. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      If you can hide $50 a month someplace in your bank account or under your mattress or where ever. Next year at this time you’ll have $600 which will buy you a pretty nice pistol or long gun. I try to hide enough money to buy myself one good gun a year. The wife doesn’t notice it – she thinks that the guns in my safe reproduce on their own and produce offspring.

  85. avatar strych9 says:

    Absolutely nothing gun related. A vest from Eddie Bauer that’s no where near as good as the Arc’Teryx one I already have, some hiking socks, sugar free gum… but the food made up for that nonsense.

    Knowing this would happen I got myself a Remington 700 in .243 Win, a tricked out McMillian A-5 stock (on order), bipod that I scavved off my other .243 rifle and a Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 scope with the VMR-1 MRAD reticle. If Santa Trump provides us the HPA in decent time I’ll put a can on that this spring or summer too.

    Oh, and while I was out of state I got some stuff I can’t buy around here. Hopefully I don’t actually need that big-ass bottle of oxytetracycline…

  86. avatar Bob says:

    First, the photo in the blog is stupid as hell. There is clearly a fireplace not being used yet the TV has the Yule Log burning channel on showing a fireplace.


    I got a CZ 527M in 7.62x39mm

    1. It was 73 degrees where I live on Christmas day.

  87. avatar troutbum5 says:

    Hornady ultrasonic cleaner, 200 or so 5.56 rounds, and a new guitar.

  88. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    Ruger Redhawk, 5.5″ barrel, .44 Magnum plus a couple of hundred rounds to play with. It was from me, to me and I unwrapped it a few days before Christmas…… Knowing it was tucked away snug in the safe made the crushing disappointment of opening socks/deodorant/chocolate much more bearable!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  89. avatar David Burgess says:

    Underwear and socks

  90. avatar Eddie says:

    14 inch barrel and magpul furniture for my 870, and a glock 30s

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