Yoga Instructor Uses Taurus Revolver to Kill 2 of 4 Home Invaders: Defensive Gun Use of the Day


Last Friday night, two robbers entered the bedroom of the well-known yoga instructor Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa (above). Ms. Khalsa’s home and school are located 20 miles north of Santiago, Chile. The robbers were half of a gang of four. Ms. Khalsa, her partner and two students were in the house when the invasion occurred. Khalsa was born in Texas. From

Officials said a pair of the robbers found the yoga instructor in her bedroom. Despite them hitting her in the head with a gun and trying to tie her up, she was able to get free and grab a revolver hidden beneath her pillow.

Khalsa shot the two men, killing one instantly. The other, badly wounded, died in the yard after running outside. Neither man has been identified.

The two other robbers ran off.

The Dallas News report misses some interesting details. The Yoga instructor owned two Taurus .38 Special revolvers, one of which she kept under her pillow.

Ms. Khalsa shot the robber killed in her bedroom five times. The robber found outside the home was shot at least once. She probably emptied her Taurus. This is a Google translation:

Soto added that one of the two antisocials received five shots in his body, falling dejected in the same place, whereas the second subject, was badly wounded and ended up prostrate and passing away in the patio of the property.

Meanwhile, his two other accomplices who were in the kitchen and were preparing to steal, hearing the shots fled quickly without achieving their purpose.

Until this morning, the two deceased delinquents were still not identified and according to the persecutor, in the case the grounds exist to estimate that the teacher acted in self-defense. “

The .38 Special was sufficiently powerful. In spite of the somewhat mangled translation, it appears that Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa will not be charged.


The lack of bars on the windows and door show this area has been fairly crime free. A wall surrounds the property — common practice for most well-to-do estates throughout the world. (It would be common in the United States, but is banned by most zoning codes.) The estate appears to be several acres. The picture is taken from a video of the school made in 2009 [below]. The gate to the property is directly behind the camera.

A revolver under the pillow is a technique with a long tradition. You sometimes hear stories about gun owners accidentally shooting themselves because of the practice. While certainly not ideal, Ms. Khalsa made it work for her.

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  1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

    “… one of the two antisocials received five shots in his body, falling dejected in the same place, whereas the second subject, was badly wounded and ended up prostrate …”

    That is the most on-the-nose google translate I think I’ve ever seen.

    1. avatar Texheim says:

      “Until this morning, the two deceased delinquents were still not identified ”

      Very eloquent

    2. avatar million says:

      “falling dejected in the same place”

      I’m using that from now on when DGUs are discussed here as an homage to Ms. Khalsa.

  2. avatar GS650G says:

    You mean urinating and begging didn’t work?
    Conflict resolution conversation not useful?
    If she had 15 rounds there would be four bodies.

  3. avatar skoon says:

    Six for six in the black not to shaby. I guess all that meditation and breathing control helps holding the sights on target…

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      It was the fusion of fvckwit and lead…

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    “Yoga Instructor Uses Taurus Revolver to Kill 2 of 4 Home Invaders”

    Pffft. A Smith & Wesson would have killed all four.

    1. avatar DaveM says:

      With a Colt 1911 she could have killed all 4 twice.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        With only one shot!

      2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        With a Colt 1911, assuming it is chambered in .45 ACP, she would have torn a hole in the space-time continuum.

  5. avatar kevin says:

    “antisocials,” LOL, that terms works for me.

    1. avatar Rattlerjake says:

      Antisocials? I wonder how they knew they we democraps!

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Another happy ending.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      With her?

      Oh, yeah baby…


  7. avatar Swarf says:

    Square breathing for the win.

  8. avatar VF 1777 says:

    “Khalsa was born in Texas”

  9. avatar MLee says:

    I’m willing to bet that the guy
    antisocial that got ventilated the most, happened to be the same antisocial that beaned her in the head with a gun.
    That would certainly explain things.

  10. Can anyone provide examples of people who accidentally shot themselves with a pistol kept under their pillow? I don’t recall any incidents like that, but it seems possible.

    1. avatar skoon says:

      I don’t know about that but I seem to remember someone who got shot by a child that found a pistol under her mother’s or grandmother’s pillow while they were napping

    2. Here is an example. It may, or may not be true as reported.

      It is from 2004 in Granite Falls Washington. It was published April 2nd. An April Fools Joke?

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Seattle PI – certainly unreliable BS

    3. avatar Rattlerjake says:

      It only happens to libturds, it’s those crazy guns that jump out from under the pillow and shoot their owners because they hate guns!

      Any “conservative” that shoots themselves with their own gun, need to re-register as a demoncrap because they aren’t smart enough to be a conservative!

  11. avatar Rick says:

    prostrate and passing away in the patio of the property.

    Can we put “pledge pin” in there

    1. avatar Shelley says:

      Proper planning and pistol placement promotes perps prostrate and passing away in the patio of the property, so their pledge pins must be posthumous.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:


      2. avatar Fred says:

        Shelley is is hereby proclaimed Master of Alliteration. All hail Shelley!

  12. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    That gives a whole new meaning to the term “downward dog”…

  13. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Defensive gun use of the day?

  14. avatar jwm says:

    My wife has a .38 and she does yoga. Pray for me, guys.

    1. avatar MLee says:

      Don’t cheat on her is all I can say!

  15. avatar The Pontificator says:

    Why are walls around residential properties in the US banned by zoning codes?

    I’m guessing it hinders first responders.

    1. I had an extensive discussion about this with a city planner. Eventually he admitted the reason was for code enforcement. Yes. You are banned from having walls so that government agents can see what you are doing so that they can enforce their edicts. Isn’t that special.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Unless you have enough money to get a variance in the same way some can get carry permits in NYC…

        1. You are on the money with that comment. That is precisely the way it works.

      2. avatar karl says:

        Unless, of course, you live in a place like Taos or Santa Fe, -NM. There walls are almost “required”….

        1. Yes, there are a few enlightened places that did not mindlessly adopt “model” zoning codes pushed by central planners.

  16. avatar Jon in CO says:

    The only thing I would comment about beyond the high five and commendation of her actions would be about sleeping with the gun under the pillow. I’m not going to say she shouldn’t, or anyone else for that matter shouldn’t, it’s just not a good idea for me.

    I sleep with hands under my pillow, and knowing how eraditcally I sleep, it would only be a matter of time before I’m awoken by a bullet screaming through my bed, or not waking because of it.

    Also, my bedside is not a revolver, so it’s possible it would be easier for me vs her.

    1. avatar Andrew says:

      I sleep with a chambered Glock 17 under my pillow. However it’s holstered in a safariland kydex level II retention holster. It takes me a fraction of a second to free the holster one handed, versus needing 2 hands to chamber a round. It allows me to have my pistol as close as possible while I sleep, short of having it on my hip.

  17. avatar Vitsaus says:

    The most remarkable thing about this story was a Taurus made firearm that functioned correctly.

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      It functioned, AND didn’t blow up in her hand(s). Question is, when will that model be subject to another millions of guns recall?

      1. avatar Adub says:

        Hey now, a Taurus is good for six shots. It is on the seventh that it breaks…

        I kid. My recoil spring on my G2 broke at 1k rounds. A quick call to Taurus and five days later I had a new recoil spring assembly. For free.

        People may quibble, but the G4 Glocks had all sorts of problems, including with their recoil spring assembly. My Taurus is in good company.

        1. avatar Rob says:

          Good thing it was a Taurus revolver and not a semiauto. Their revolvers are capable of more consecutive shots.

        2. avatar Andrew says:

          Taurus revolvers in 38 special are the most common firearm in Chile. It’s the standard issue sidearm for the unformed police. My father has had one for 20 years. Never a problem, as reliable a weapon as I’ve ever used.

    2. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Nah, Taurus revolvers are GTG in my experience. Autos maybe not so much…

  18. avatar Sean says:

    Cue the Glock-Bros insisting they need a G17 with four 33 round mags for home-defense.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      Well, what if all 4 came upon her? She very well could have used a hell of a lot more capacity!!! The case for 17 – 33 rounds is not an invalid one.

      1. avatar great unknown says:

        With six-for-six shooting, she could have put all four down and still planted three in the guy who pistol-whipped her. Meditation does wonders for keeping your balance in stressful situations.

        1. avatar neiowa says:

          Really? footnotes please.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          You’re assuming that each attacker will be subdued by being hit with 1.5 rounds of .38spl ammunition. I think that assumes facts not in evidence since it evidently took 5 rounds to drop one guy (assuming that she didn’t shoot him needlessly 4 extra times while 2 of his buddies remained lead-free).

      2. avatar Sean says:

        And there he is. 🙂

        1. avatar Mark says:

          Don’t get me wrong. You are welcome to use a 6 shot revolver. That’s your freedom of choice. As for me, I’ll take my AR with 30 rounds.

        2. avatar Scoutino says:

          Mark, your pillows must be much larger than my.

      3. avatar jwm says:

        She’s an American transplant living in Chile. She may well be limited in her choices for self defense.

      4. avatar Andrew says:

        According to local press releases, she had two revolvers.

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      She doesn’t need a GLOCK, she needs a lock. Perimeter defense is extremely important. A mad dash for a revolver under the pillow, against four invaders, is basically a Hail Mary pass. Can it work? Of course! It is smart to make that your first and last defense? No way. She’s lucky to be alive.

  19. avatar Claymore says:

    Finally some good news.

  20. avatar Closet Gun Nut says:


    1. avatar jwm says:

      Namaste, Bitches!

  21. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Nice shootin’, lady! Cool hat, too! You could CC a snubby in that thing.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      A snubby? You could hide a Colt Python in that headgear, and still have room for two speedloaders, a snack, and a pack of smokes.

      1. avatar Adam Hernandez says:

        Comment of the day my friend!

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Bad guy smacked her in the head with his gun. Unknown to him she was wearing the Yoga Tactical 2000 helmet. Rated to stop up to a .41 long colt.

  22. avatar Kevin says:

    Kundalini Yoga is connected to the Sikh religion, and the Sikhs have always highly valued the warrior arts. Good for you protecting yourself and your students, Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa!

  23. avatar Kevin says:

    Kundalini Yoga is connected to the Sikh religion, and the Sikhs have always highly valued the warrior arts. Good for you protecting yourself and your students, Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa!

  24. avatar LHW says:

    Glad she’s ok and I hope other criminals will learn from this.

  25. avatar duro says:

    judging from that video, her house must smell like ass and wet farts.

  26. avatar Sian says:

    Ya don’t mess with a Sihk.

  27. avatar Klaus says:

    So a swami with a Taurus turned the homies porous?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      She put the Chill in Chileans.

  28. avatar Shire-man says:

    I really hope she yelled out “YOGAAAAA FIRE!!!!”
    You won’t get that opportunity often in life.

  29. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Yoga instructor schooled them in a new position: Downward Facing Antisocial.

  30. avatar Tex says:

    Scratch two bad guys. Good job. Texas girls know how to shoot.

  31. avatar Ken R. says:

    Taurus should rebrand that model revolver the “Hari Nam”.

  32. avatar Andrew says:

    I’m pretty certain I’m the only Chilean, resiident in Chile, who visits this site. I’m an avid 2A supporter, although we don’t have such in Chile. Firstly, the lady has received overwhelming support in all the media, traditional and social.

    As most of you know, self defense is not actually a legal right, but a defense against an accusation of homicide. In Chile, to succesfully argue self defense, 3 conditions must be met simultaneously in order for it to qualify as “legitimate defense”: 1) the lethal threat cannot have been provoked 2) the threat must be real and imminent 3) the harm caused by the defense cannot be greater than that which would have been caused in the absence of defense. In addition, courts will determine whether the defense used was “rational” (note: NOT proportional). This is independent of geography and allows for considerable interpretation by the courts. There is a caveat, however. There is another type of self defense under Chilean law termed “privileged legitimate defense”. This defense IS geographically qualified, as it applies only in the home. Under this different defense, in the case of forced entry. ALL the requirements for legitimate self defense are considered to have been fulfilled. In other words, if someone enters the house by any means other than those the home is designed for, they are fair game.
    In this case, I believe that law enforcement or the prosecutor on the scene took one glance and accurately concluded privileged self defense, deciding not to press charges.
    This lady has been hailed as a heroine by all and sundry.

    Chile has traditionally not been in love with firearms. This is changing rapidly as these cases are becoming more frequent, in addition to our revolving door justice system.

    There is growing popular support for citizens to own firearms in the home, but not much for carry in piblic places.

    However, it is not difficult, although expensive and bureacratic, to purchase a firearm for home defense (even if the conditions include a background check, medical and psychiatric exam, a written exam taken in a police station, a sworn affidavit of where the firearm will be domiciled, photographic evidence that the firearm will be stored in a locked room when not in use and the registration of that firearm). But hell could freeze over before you could obtain a license to carry.

    Hope this gives some local flavour to the story as compared with how it might play out in the US.

    1. Thank you very much Andrew. Information from someone on site, who understands the local laws and culture, is highly valued.

  33. avatar Gunr says:

    A firearm under the pillow is risky, unless you live alone.

  34. avatar Jorge says:

    6 shots without reloading makes non-stop warfare possible

  35. avatar John says:

    “Soto added that one of the two antisocials received five shots in his body, falling dejected in the same place, whereas the second subject, was badly wounded and ended up prostrate and passing away in the patio of the property.”

    I would be dejected too!

  36. “What happened? I thought an armed male attacker would just take a woman’s gun and use it against her. This story must be a misprint.” – President Obama

    “If only she had used a double-barreled shotgun and fired two blasts in the air from her porch, no one would have been hurt.” – Vice President Biden

    “Those two poor young men would still be alive if not for the senseless gun violence they encountered that day.” – Shannon Watts

    “If Chile had done away with their Second Amendment, Ms. Khalsa would not have needed to keep a gun under her pillow.” – Hillary Clinton

    1. avatar Andrew says:

      Best comment by far!!

  37. avatar FrankM says:

    Don’t fuck with Sikhs.

  38. avatar RayJay says:

    Ok she was in her bedroom. At night. She was there with her partner and two students. Hmm. What was going on there?

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