Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Giovanni


Package guru Gio is nothing if not prepared. He totes everything from ballistic deterrence to illumination (X3) to hydration to combustion with him on his rounds. The general would be proud. Check out everything he’s chosen at Everyday Carry . . .everyday-carry-logo-small


  1. avatar EU says:

    After a failed takeover of Silph Co. and suffering defeat in Viridian City, I’m surprised to see him here. Where are his Earth badges?

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      I don’t see any Pokeballs either.

  2. avatar FedUp says:

    What Would Patton Do?
    Walla Walla Police Department?
    World Wide Police Department?

    1. avatar Will in Oregon says:

      pretty sure it means “what would Patton do” based on the picture of ol’ blood and guts

      1. avatar bob in IN says:

        Ol’ blood and guts. Your blood, his guts.

  3. avatar PeterZ in West Tennessee says:

    BMW car key.

  4. avatar Buzz says:

    Looks like a sweet setup.

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