Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Shooting to Stop, Talking Him Down, and Failing to Enforce

Why do police shoot to kill? – They don’t. As CNN’s expert points out, they shoot to stop. “To gain a better understanding of police officers’ use of deadly force from their perspective, CNN interviewed Cedric Alexander, a nationally recognized policing expert and veteran police chief who was called in to review the Ferguson, Missouri, […]

Ed McGivern’s Fast & Fancy Shooting

When the October 1974 issue of American Rifleman came out, featuring a cover story on Ed McGivern to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, it would have a lasting impact on shooting sports to this day. Noted professional Team Smith & Wesson shooter Jerry Miculek credited that issue as being the one that got […]

Unrest Escalates in El Cajon; More Violent Traffic Blockades

The violence in El Cajon, California continues to simmer, especially as many “protesters” turn into rioters once the sun sets. Once more, we saw traffic blockades and violence against motorists, much of it racially motivated. Police made a couple of arrests, but mainly acted to keep the “protest” from becoming a full-blown riot. CBS News has […]

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is Hunting Boring?

There were a lot of comments underneath our post Nevada Bans Hunting with TrackingPoint, Large Calibers Because it “Isn’t Sporting”. TTAG reader Blake had this to say about that:  Nature has given us all the tools we need to catch them as well, my proof being we’re still around despite not having access to certain […]

Gun Review FN FNAR Standard Rifle

(This is a reader-submitted review as part of our gun review contest. See details here.) By Adam Cummings With long lines, smooth curves and a beautiful finish, it’s hard to keep your eyes, and hands away from the FNAR Standard rifle. It handles great, and it is comfortable to hold. The rifle comes with various silicone […]

New From Ruger: Ruger American Pistol Compact Model

Some have complained about the Ruger American Pistol’s ergos and/or its looks. Our man Jeremy was a fan of the gun — save for its trigger re-set. Now, to compliment the original duty-sized pistol, Ruger’s announced a compact version. We won’t know about its trigger until we try one, but to our eyes at least, it’s a better looking […]