Kel-Tec at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot It!


(sponsored post) Kel-Tec made their Texas Firearms Festival debut at least year’s event, showcasing their innovative 15-round bullpup KSG shotgun [above]. This year, on October 14 – 16, the Florida gunmaker’s bringing the noise to a large bay at Best the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill.

Kel-=Tec RDB (courtesy

Ticket holders can shoot, shop and buy from Kel-Tec’s extensive catalogue of firearms: shotguns, pistols and rifles. We’re talking serious trigger time (ammo’s free!) behind guns ranging from the backpack-friendly folding Gen2 SUB-2000 to the bullpup RDB rifle [above] to the company’s wide — and widely regarded — range of pistols. 

Click here to buy your tickets — assuming you haven’t already. Please note: to assure short lines, Texas Firearms Festival ticket sales are strictly limited. With 92 percent of last year’s participants promising to return — with friends! — we anticipate a sell-out crowd. So don’t delay. Buy your tickets today!


  1. avatar Detroiter says:

    Still. Want. M&p. Magazine. Sub2000!

    Take my money!

  2. avatar Libertarian says:

    This weapon is dangerous white out hilt on an vertical foregrip ……..

    Not correct to sell it white out

  3. avatar Texheim says:

    Will they show off their amazing Sub2000, you know, the one that doesn’t break in half whilst shooting?

  4. avatar LarryinTX says:

    I’ll be shopping for a new trigger for my DPMS G2, hopefully the selection will be as wide as last year, I found a bunch I liked, but didn’t need one, then. Supposedly, the rifle takes standard AR triggers, otherwise I suspect I’m screwed.

  5. avatar BLoving says:

    Ah, the KSG.
    I still can’t wrap my head (or wallet) around a $900+ pump shotgun, however cool it is.
    File that dream away with the other winning-the-lottery fantasies…

  6. avatar mark s. says:

    I am a proud owner of most if not all the most popular and sought after KT products , I like em , I like em a lot . From the hard to get CMR 30 (2) to the venerable PMR 30 (3) to the pretty awesome Sub 2000 and the light little P 11 . All are fun and functioning firearms and last but most definitely not least the KSG , oh my , I have a couple of these put away for WTSHTF because they will be perfect for bad guys trying to prick the prepper . Nothing pisses me off more than the people who refuse to prepare and then say if TSHTF they will just take what they need . I’m prepared for them too . PIP

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