More Evidence of the Botched Police Response to the Orlando Pulse Massacre

911 calls reveal chaotic scene, slow police response during Orlando club shooting the headline proclaims with English understatement. As Jon Wayne Taylor revealed in a previous post, the police response to The Pulse nightclub terrorist attack was a cluster-you-know-what. “Whether or not it remained an active shooter situation,” Jon wrote, “it certainly remained an […]

Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger Shotguns At the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot Them!

(sponsored post) The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival is a shotgunner’s dream-come-true. On October 15 – 16, four major manufacturers will be demonstrating and selling their best at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill. Among them, the Benelli family of shotgun brands, who cordially invite you to click here, buy your tickets, then come and shoot clays with a huge range […]

New from Colt Competition: CRZ-16 Slide Fire Equipped Rifle

For the record, Colt Competition is a separate company from Colt Manufacturing. Colt Competition produces hand-built, precision M4-style rifles in Breckenridge, Texas under license from Colt Manufacturing. Also for the record: Slide Fire’s “bump fire” stocks make a mockery of the NFA rules regarding machine guns. (Feature not a bug.) Plunk down $1,199.95 for the new Colt Competition CRZ-16 Slide […]

New from Wilson Combat: Sentinel XL Sub-Compact 1911

Why would Wilson market a sub-compact handgun as an “XL”? That’s like calling a Fiat 500 a “car.” That said, want. While I love my Wilson Combat X-TAC COMPACT 1911 for its low-recoil and general bad-assery, carrying the .45 is like attaching a small boat anchor to my hip. So the new Wilson Combat Sentinel XL appeals. The $3910 Wilson […]

New ATF Re-Classification Could Make Ammo More Scarce

The key component in modern smokeless gunpowder is nitrocellulose. This quick and efficient burning compound is the cornerstone upon which the various blends of gunpowder are built and without it the majority of ammunition you see on the wall at your local sporting goods store would disappear. Since time immemorial the ATF has held that wetted nitrocellulose […]

President Obama Pardons More “Gun Violence” Criminals

President Obama and his cohorts continually rabbit-on about the need to create “common sense” gun control laws that “keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.” Gun rights advocates point out that properly identifying “dangerous people” and figuring out a way to prevent them from gaining access to guns to reduce “gun violence” is an inherently flawed strategy. Doomed, […]

Guns for Beginners: Don’t Press Your Gun Against the Bad Guy

I recently ran a post with a SIG SAUER instructor operating operationally (SIG’s Modified Prone Position: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here). I don’t want to leave you with the impression that the SIG SAUER Academy offers anything but perfectly practical armed self-defense instruction — shooting upside down curled in a ball possibly excepted. In this video, […]