NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox’s Full Speech at Republican Convention

“The NRA’s top lobbyist used his prime time speaking slot at the Republican National Convention — all four minutes of it — to level a broadside attack against Hillary Clinton, who he said is committed to removing guns from the private homes of citizens,” reports. And then they proceeds to defend Ms. Clinton against NRA-ILA jefe Chris Cox’s claims.

Clinton has called for “common sense gun safety measures consistent with the Second Amendment.” But she has also directly confronted the NRA on the campaign trail. At a New Hampshire campaign stop in October, she called on the group’s members to “take back the Second Amendment from the extremists.”

Shortly after Cox’s remarks, Clinton issued a statement saying that the “debunked claim” that she wants to repeal the Second Amendment “couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

I don’t think the words “farther” and “truth” mean what Ms. Clinton wants us to think they mean.

Anyway, Mr. Cox’s endorsement of Donald Trump is a bit Trump-light. Although Wayne LaPierre’s potential heir apparent did close by proclaiming . . .

We are on the cusp of losing this great American freedom. And with it, this great nation. The only way we save it is by electing Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

I don’t know if it’s the only way, but as far as voting for the next president is concerned, it’s certainly the best.


  1. avatar Bob363 says:

    Another lie from Clinton. The interesting thing about living in the age of electronic media, candidates cannot hide from the truth. We have video of Clinton saying she would institute Australian style gun control in the US if elected. She also said she would appoint justices that would essentially revoke our second amendment rights. This is all on video. These videos are not sound bites taken out of context. These are full videos of her statements on the subject from start to finish.

    1. avatar Shire-man says:

      And the depressing thing about living in the age of electronic media is nobody cares. The politicians will still lie with impunity and the true believers will deny to the very end regardless of how much HD footage exists proving them wrong. Reality is the new illusion while the illusion is the new reality.

      1. avatar Coolbreeze says:

        You absolutely nailed it. This is what is wrong with American society today.

    2. avatar Binder says:

      Its not a lie, she just “interprets” the Second Amendment differently than you and I. Just like they “interpret” the Commerce Clause to allow the Federal Government to do anything they want. And because the Commerce Clause is part of the body of the Constitution and not an Amendment, they can “regulate” guns any way they want to. All current federal gun law is based on the Commerce and Taxation powers of the Federal Government. This is the real danger, not the repealing of the Second Amendment.

  2. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    Yeah I guess. If the hildebeast gets in there’ll be a freakin’ revolt…I DO like Trump’s KIDS.

    1. avatar Sunshine_Shooter says:

      There probably won’t be, and that is what disappoints me the most.

      1. avatar Crowbar says:

        This is what I fear as well. That for all the bluster about “we are not going to take this! ” Many Americans will simply do what they are told while complaining about it on the net. I would be very interested in the actual stats on how many people actually do anything, belong to 2A groups, take noobs shooting, etc., let alone will actually stand against the government when the time comes.

  3. avatar Joe says:

    I think Colion Noir should be the next in line. He can articulate an argument well…and let’s be honest…he makes sense politically. It destroys the MSM narrative that the NRA is a bunch of old fat white men.

    1. avatar =BCE56= says:

      ^ +++

  4. avatar Declan McLonegan says:

    I was cooking dinner for my family (after an incredibly busy day of hard work) while this gent spoke, so I could listen but not see him- I was actually amazed how great a speech he gave, while having no idea what he looked like or who he was other than being an NRA big wig. I was very impressed, he was very eloquent without sounding like a nutcase or an old Republican man like McConnell

  5. avatar DMD says:

    Vote for your guns or prepare to lose them—-if we sit this one out–HRC will win–and there go our guns and our gun rights–vote Trump–and save your guns !!!!!! DMD

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