Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Jake


It’s always good to see the next generation getting off to a good start. Student Jake doing nicely with the Smith & Wesson  M&P Shield. See everything the lad carries at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar Mike J says:

    The Shield’s certainly a good choice. Even better with the extra mag and the laser. Our government’s welfare clients don’t get up till four or five in the afternoon, so any encounter with them is likely to occur at night. I guess that’s a fire starter with the extra flashlight on the keyring, but how does Jake get into his apartment with no door key?

  2. avatar shootboot says:

    guy carries a sebenza, respect

  3. avatar Shire-man says:

    Is that a slap bracelet? Sweet 90’s contraband.

    1. avatar AdamTA1 says:

      Slap bracelets are still being made. My 7 year old daughter picked one up somewhere. Was a bit nostalgic when I saw it as I was in middle school when they came out.

  4. avatar Jason says:

    A Shield, a Juice, a Sebenza, and a Preon 2. Nice! I can personally recommend all those items. Methinks we might’ve found a TNPr….

  5. avatar Ready and Willing says:

    +2 shield extra mag under the gun i see.

  6. avatar Ready and Willing says:

    Oh under the gun.. my bad

  7. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    i’ve missed the corkscrew more times than i can say since i stopped carrying swiss army knives. glad to see one on a leatherman. might have to trade in my “squirt.”

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