Boston Herald: “Florida nightclub attack just the latest US mass shooting”

Our man Zimmerman called this one. The mainstream media is already attempting to lump-in the Pulse nightclub massacre with other mass shootings to downplay the unique nature of this attack; the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. To wit:’s list of mass shootings under the headline above. “Here’s a look at some of the nation’s deadliest rampages since 2012,” they proclaim. The left-leaning liberals in the media want the populace to focus on the fact that killer uses firearms, rather than his motivation or the fact that his victims were disarmed. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Expect more of the same.


  1. avatar Mr. 308 says:

    It was ISLAM.

  2. avatar Ian in Transit says:

    Just heard an ABC anchorman call this the worst terror attack in American history . . . It’s a little soon to be rewriting the history books isn’t it? Guess not if it fits the narrative.

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      Those were done with box cutters and a truck. 404:narrative not found.

    2. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

      He must have forgotten that little incident in NYC, or even the one in OKC, but as long as it fits the narrative right?

  3. avatar Priest of the center mass says:

    Assault religion has to be banned.
    Islam needs to go.

  4. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

    Surprised fearless leader hasn’t proclaimed this “workplace violence” yet

  5. avatar Paul says:

    A couple of questions for the AI;
    1) It took about three hours for SWAT to enter and kill the gunman; how many of the 50 dead were killed by the SWAT assault? Separately, why wait three hours to engage? Seems like a lot of time.
    2) This was not a “hostage taking” attack as it appears that this Jihadi was interested only in killing as many as possible. So why is the press buying the “hostage” theory? Also, this was not anything other than a well planned and executed terrorist attack.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      The whole point of a “well-planned terrorist attack” is to pick a soft target, preferably a Gun Free Zone, with a large number of helpless targets and a limited number of egress points. By definition this also means a limited number of ingress points and makes the job of responding officers extremely hazardous. As much as they like to appear military your average LEO and even local SWAT guys, do not have the mindset of mounting a blazing frontal assault on a defended target, especially when there are innocent civilians possibly in the line of fire.

      This is a problem that public venues need to spend more time addressing and police agencies need to consider in their training. If you had been on that street, outside that club, and heard rapid semi-auto fire from inside, how anxious would you have been to burst through a narrow entryway into a dark and unknown space?

      1. avatar Ian in Transit says:

        “The whole point of a “well-planned terrorist attack” is to pick a soft target, preferably a Gun Free Zone, with a large number of helpless targets and a limited number of egress points.”

        Yep. In Florida your CCW does now allow carry in establishments that serve alcohol. So effectively, this was a gun free zone. A barrel with lots of impaired fish swimming in it.

  6. avatar Sam I Am says:

    To borrow from a once-popular song, “People get ready, there’s a train a’ comin’ “.

    This is not just a regular summer. This is berserker time, general election year. This episode is not likely to fade in a few weeks, as San Bernardino. This one will have legs right up to November. Expect the greatest assault on gun rights we have seen in years. Emotion is going to be overwhelming. This massacre is not going to lead the “undecided” to our ranks.

  7. avatar LHW says:

    Never let a trajedy go to waste.

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