Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – William S


What brand does a gunsmith choose for his EDC? If you ask William S., it’s SIG. The P225 and P232, to be specific. Check out what else a busy gunsmith totes at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar gs650g says:

    Clearly expecting an invasion of some kind

  2. avatar Specialist38 says:

    An operator!


  3. avatar Old School Okie Doke says:

    Only 40 – 50 rounds. Why not 60? Lightweight.

    1. avatar William says:

      Joking aside that’s only 33 rounds. I cleared both pistols for the photo.

      1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:


        Did the camera ask you to unload and show clear… I hate when they do that.

        1. avatar William says:

          Habit, and to show exactly how much ammunition I carry. Mostly habit though – they were out of their holsters and not for shooting, so I cleared them.

  4. avatar LHW says:

    Is this one of those operators who operates operationally?

  5. avatar ash says:

    This guy is the king of all douches.

    1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

      I would ask why you say that but in all reality, I don’t care to know more about the person that would say that sort of thing.

      1. avatar Poop says:

        4 magazines and 2 guns. That’s why

      2. avatar William says:

        Concealed is concealed of course. If he happens to frequent my workplace hell have to use a different metric to determine my douchiness. It won’t be the SIGs either because I don’t fanboy for them. They just happen to work for me.

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