MILO Range Shooting Simulator

Nick, Dan, and I may have to put some money on a competition stage, but so far I’ve only watched the MILO Range in action. They make a range of shooting scenario simulators, from the single-screen setup seen here to a more immersive, wrap-around “Theater” version. A software program can serve up dozens of scenarios from fun shooting galleries to hostile threats. It works with basically any laser trainer, including those that use a CO2 cartridge to cycle a real firearm (e.g. Dvorak) . . .

DSC05099 DSC05098 DSC05097 DSC05100 vs160520-001 DSC05096


  1. I got to shoot this at the NRA Outdoors show back in Feb. It’s the best shooting simulator I’ve ever used. They will only use the “PG” scenarios at these shows. You should ask them for a private run when the public is not there. You will get some pretty vulgar shoot don’t shoot situations.

    1. avatar Adam says:

      Wow, for those prices I could buy thousands of rounds of ammo and go to multiple live fire training courses.

    1. avatar Stuart K says:

      That is insane, i’d hit the deck too!

      1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

        Your TTAG crew covered some of that as well…

        …but there are some serious constraints when you’re shooting live ammo. The MILO system is a simulator and you can do it all by yourself. I mean, it isn’t really consumer-affordable but it’s still significantly easier and cheaper than building a shoot house and such.

  2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    I was thinking about an ISIS range simulator with real ISIS members and us having real guns and ammo.

    1. They already have that, it’s called Syria and Eastern Iraq

  3. avatar Md.Mustafizur Rahman says:


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