EOTech Vudu Precision Rifle Scopes


As many of y’all are likely aware, EOTech has branched out from holographic weapon sights and is now manufacturing rifle scopes as well. The first three models in the “Vudu” line are a 1-6x, a 2.5-10x, and a 3.5-18x. All of the scopes employ first focal plane, illuminated reticles . . .

DSC05185 DSC05187 DSC05189 DSC05190 DSC05192 DSC05193 DSC05194


  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Nice. Maybe TTAG can have a drawing/giveaway.

  2. avatar Billy says:

    How do they work in the cold?

  3. avatar Dave in VA says:

    Meh… Plenty of proven brands out there. EOTech is going to have a long road to earn trust again.

  4. avatar Olande says:


  5. avatar Kapeltam says:

    $1300 to over $1600 MSRP.

  6. avatar Evodave says:

    Some people lost respect for L-3 Comunications, after receiving my 100% plus shipping Eotech refund for an abused four year old 512 that always worked I can say they are a company that stands behind their products and I have zero concern buying anything they produce.

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      Agreed. I returned 12 🙂

  7. avatar Accur81 says:

    Interesting, but I really like the XTR II class of scopes, although they are heavy. And the Leupold VXR will be my next “patrol” scope.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Home patrol, or your duty rifle?

    2. avatar Evodave says:

      I really liked my leupold VR-X patol until I got a Vortex Razor HD, it’s glass and reticule is much better IMO.

      If you haven’t checked Vortex out, you should. I have many Leupold and Steiner scopes and have to say I am now impressed with the Vortex Razor line.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Vortex is good also. I’ve got 10 ARs, some with optics and some without.

  8. avatar Vendetta says:

    No thanks. Plenty of brands out there that make quality products the first time. And after the 4 month wait (i.e. only stand behind our returns bc we were forced to) Itll be a cold day down south when I buy another Eotech product. I really like my Aimpoint they paid for though.

  9. avatar Billary Cunton says:

    Most of the guys complaining about their EO Techs are mall ninjas. That is not slight the legitimate complaints that have been given by people who have had real issues. From my personal experience it seems the defective units are by and large in the minority. I would happen to be one of those men who have used this optic on the battlefield when it was very hot outside. I have also used the same EO Tech during cold weather training. Two different extremes well within the parameters that this unit is purported to fail and, It always worked as it was supposed to. One thing many of you need to keep in mind is that before there was a recall many users heaped praise upon the EO Tech sights. Of course you will always have the EO Tech vs Aimpoint debate, and that is to be expected. That is a argument for another day. The point I am trying to make is that most people complaining about EO Tech sights are about as honest as the guys who say they shoot 1moa with “green tips anna reddot bro.” They read something or they hear something that someone else said because chances are, that person read it or heard it somewhere else too. Next thing you know, it is a fact. L3 is a good company and they have made some innovative sh!t. I am certain that they will right their ship and make more good stuff.

    1. avatar Evodave says:

      Agree 100%

      The Eotech reticule is the best at quick acquisition in CQC yet still great out past 150m. With the addition of a magnifyer it’s the best of both worlds.

    2. avatar 360AD says:

      Agree 100%. Even with defective units, most of these end-users would never use their Eotechs in those extreme conditions.

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